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The Sanctuary

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The Sanctuary

Refuge is hard to find in this world.

The Sanctuary before the sea-facing deck was built.
Full nameThe Sanctuary
PurposeAnimal/Kelvic Healing Center + Boarding, Breeding & Training Facility for Horses, Dogs & Raptors
ReputationOutstanding Healers and Animal Breeders
Employment OpportunitiesHealers, Trainers, Grooms
SecretsCytali Stronghold
GodsRek'keli, Eyris, & Nysel

Located on the outskirts of Riverfall, The Sanctuary is a low slung rambling set of structures that house the city's stables, animal rescue/adoption center, and animal healer. Completely isolated to the east of the Bluevein River, Sanctuary overlooks the Suvan Sea perched on a relatively flat piece of land bordering the woods that are fairly common along the coastline. Having a good chunk of fenced pasture surrounding the facility, Sanctuary lies right off the road that acts as the main supply route down to the beach.

The facility itself is built in the form of a giant square with a large inner courtyard. There are two ways into the facility. The first is up a set of stairs leading directly into the healing clinic. The clinic itself has a waiting room, a place for philtering, an office, an exam room and various supply rooms. Above the clinic lies a second story living quarters with a fairly nice view of the Suvan Sea. Beneath the clinic lies a series of kennels, cages, and storage. Back doors open out into the courtyard which is also accessible through a gate which leads to the main road. The gate is flanked on either side by two low-slung buildings that act as assistant quarters. Forming the square of the courtyard are rows of stalls running down the north and west side of the building, creating 16 spaces for horses. The inner courtyard is large enough for a riding arena and a small round pen, both of which is used for training horses and dogs.

Visitors are encouraged to drop by and visit with the animals that are available for sale. Currently there are horses, dogs, and sometimes unusual wildlife ready for new homes. The Sanctuary is



A view overlooking the sea.

Being primarily a healing center, The Sanctuary offers a wide variety of healing and medical services that range from wound treatment, disease prevention, birthing and whelping services, and herbal treatments. In addition to our animal health care facility, we offer extensive boarding of both pets and horses for the traveler and those leaving for travels.

Because we are a full care training facility as well, we offer broodmare services, stallion services, and riding lessons. We also have selected horses for sale and are willing to purchase healthy serviceable mounts to add to our stock for sale. We have any number of tack items for sale, as well as rations for horses and pets. Boarding is available and comes either full care (food, grooming, turn out, and stall cleaning) or Stall only (no food, turn out, care, or stall cleaning). Prices are always negotiable for exchange in labor or services. Sanctuary is also interested in expanding to offer a kennels and cattery. The mews has been built and Raiha will be in charge of selling trained raptors as well.


The Sanctuary is somewhat picky about whom we hire and why. Employees are part of the Sanctuary family and serve a multitude of purposes. They need not be any specific race, sex, or profession but they must have good hearts. Employees must be physically fit and in addition to having skills related to Sanctuary's work, they should indeed also possess combat skills or a desire to learn combat. Sanctuary serves a multitude of purposes, both up front and behind the scenes. Everyone participates.


Sanctuary provides both a healing center for all sorts of animals, kelvics and occasionally people. People with healing skills, herbalism, and medicine are always welcome. Related skills such as gardening, philtering, and public relations always welcome. Pay rates are as follows:

  • Healers (2 Gnosis Marks) - 9+ GM per day
  • Healer (1 Gnosis Mark) - 7 GM per day
  • Medical Doctor/Vet - 6 GM per day
  • Herbalists - 7 GM per day


Sanctuary also hosts a full mews and deals with raptors. Falconers would be welcomed as well. Pay rates are as follows:

  • Falconer - 5 GM per day
  • Cleaner/Bird Handler - 3 GM per day (no experience necessary)


As a primary income, Sanctuary breeds and trains horses. Because of this, help is always welcome in the areas of equine science. Riding, Animal Husbandry, and a multitude of other skills would be welcomed. Pay rates are as follows:

  • Horse Trainer - 6 GM per day
  • Riding Instructor - 5 GM per day
  • Groom - 1 GM per day


As in any large facility, there's always an assortment of miscellaneous jobs available. Pay rates are as follows:

  • Carpenter - 4 GM per day
  • Gardener - 3 GM per day
  • Nanny - 2 GM per day

Price List

This is the Floorplan of the Sanctuary


  • Daily - Full Care: 5 SM
  • Daily - Stall Only: 2 SM
  • Seasonal - Full Care: 35 GM
  • Seasonal - Stall Only: 25 GM


A complete list of horses for sale can be found here:

  • Weanlings: 50 GM
  • Yearlings: 100 GM
  • 2 Year Olds: 150 GM
  • Adults: 200 GM +


  • Deerstalkers: 20 GM
  • Ghost Dogs: 50 GM
  • Silkenas: 15 GM
  • Imperial Watchers: 50 GM


  • Coming soon...


  • Saddle: 10 GM
  • Pack Saddle: 4 GM
  • Bridle: 2 GM
  • Halter: 3 SM
  • Lead Rope: 1 SM
  • Yvas: 6 GM
  • Harness: 2 GM
  • Blanket: 3 GM
  • Grooming Kit: 2 GM (includes brushes, cloth, soap, hoofpick)