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Image:Scroll2.png "Time only has meaning because we demand it be so."
- Avinaka Suva, Champion of Tanroa

Time is the means sentient life mark the passing of events and seasons in Mizahar. It is also the means of players and storytellers keeping track of what threads or posts occur. A Timestamp is a notation at the top of a thread which includes the Season (Summer, Winter, Spring, or Fall), the day (1 - 91), and the year (currently 509). It can also include the time of day. Mizahar enjoys a 24 hours in a day (60 minutes an hour), with the date changing at 24 hrs am. Time is noted in a twenty four hour clock system.


Keeping Track of The Time Of Day

A day has 24 hours, which are sometimes called Bells. There are 60 minutes in an hour which are sometimes called Chimes. The Sun rises around hour 7 and sets around hour 19 depending upon the season. If someone wants to meet you somewhere 45 chimes after the 10th bell, they want to meet you at 10:45. Seconds are refered to as tones.

Keeping Track Of Which Day In The Season

Main article: Calendar

Timekeeping in Mizahar is simple as well. All years are kept from the date of the Valterrian prior (BV - Before Valterrian) and after the Valterrian (AV - After Valterrian). The current year is 509 AV, in the season of Spring (Day 1 through 91). All threads are required to be noted with the Mizaharian Date so that both players and moderators can keep track of the chronological order of the events in their lives.

Please Timestamp each thread you begin and use those chronological dates to keep track of your characters whereabouts and doings throughout the year. A typical timestamp looks like this:

                                                                            Season of Spring, Day 24, 514 AV

There are four seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall), 91 days (92 in winter), and we're always on the same year gamewise as we are in real life. So in 2011 AD (real world), we'll be at 511 AV (Mizaharian Time).

Mizahar does not keep track of weeks nor days of the week. Instead, simply place what day it is in what season of what year, and your timekeeping is complete.

Keeping Track Of The Seasons

Mizahar has four seasons. Each season is noted by the changing of color of the watchstones throughout Mizahar which are located on the top of Watchtowers. Winter is an extremely dangerous season. Not only does it have 92 days verses the other three season's 91 days, but it is noted for its violent inland storms and unpredictable abrupt weather. Summer is a time of heat, of extremes the other way, and of dangerous coastal storms fueled by warm seas and unpredictable atmospheric conditions. By far the two most comfortable seasons are Spring and Fall. Both these are a time of bounty and travel throughout Mizahar.

  • Winter - Dec Jan Feb - Blue Watchstone
  • Spring - March April May - Green Watchstone
  • Summer - June July August - Yellow Watchstone
  • Fall - Sept Oct Nov - Red Watchstone

Weeks & Months

Mizahar does not keep track of weeks or months. There are no further breakdown of seasons other than into days, hours, and minutes. Above, we have listed the in-real-life months that correspond to Mizaharian Seasons to give the player some idea of how we break down our seasons.