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Date of birth489 AV (aged 34)
Place of birthWind Reach
Weapon: Longsword47
Wilderness Survival: Forest25


Triin is a forager for Wind Reach. She has dabbled in many different jobs within the Avora Caste, from farming to a small stint in medicine until finally finding her calling in searching the forests for somewhat uncommon foods for the city. She Also serves as an adviser to the farmers, training them on care for their produce as well as assisting in choosing new plants to farm within the mountain. She is a common addition to many travelling parties in the wilderness to serve as their food finder in partnership with hunters.

Although she is mainly a forager and botanist, she taught herself the art of the longsword when she was young. She is now a fierce fighter and usually can be found training when not searching the forests for mushrooms or edible fungi. She thinks of it more as a hobby but relishes in the opportunity to show off her skills.


Tiins shoulder length red hair is on the dark side and she has formed it into reads to control it rather than the more commonly practiced braid. She dresses in dark leathers and her face is almost constantly serious. She is very pale, but makes up for it with an enormous collection of freckles adorning her face and body. Her eys are a dark grey and stare at all those who pass.


Most think of Triin as cold, though in reality she is simply observing her surroundings. She has a dry sense of humor that many do not pick up on until they get to know her rather well. She is avid in her job and will obsess with it until she determines she has done the job right. When fighting, though, she turns into a completely different person. Some have described her as mad. She takes joy in fighting and it wouldn't be a surprise to see her laughing in the middle of it all.

--Emergence 20:26, 5 October 2016 (UTC)