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Threat levelLittle to None
Major featuresUnique humped shell and three pairs of flippers
Abilitieshigh aquatic maneuverability
Most common inCharbosi, Suvan

Typor are the graceful and gentle sea turtles most commonly found in and around Charbosi. Some variations are stationary, others migrating all over the Suvan, though generally keeping to warmer waters. They travel with the balemates often from birth and create strong ties with their own kind as well as the aquatic races that bond with them.

Appearance and Features

Typor are a large sea turtle that bears a uniquely shaped shell that creates two distinctive humps, the first much larger than the second. The Typor come in a variety of colors the most common being golden browns and wheat colors, but deep turquoise and lighter sea greens are not uncommon. They possess three pairs of flippers, two of which are primarily for propelling them through the water, the third pair located at the rear of their body act as rudders and aiding in manueverability in the water. Typor are generally 15 to 20 feet long, weighing upwards of two tons. 

Being herbivores, Typor have a hooked beak in which to rip and chew seaweed and other aquatic plant life. Their shell is extremely durable, and their only true soft spot is a round area of flesh between their front most flippers upon their chest, making them very difficult prey, so once they reach adulthood, a Typor has little to fear from the predators of the sea. They ar able to hold their breath for up to 10 hours before needing to resurface for air.


Typor group together in large bales, and are sociable and curious creatures. Though they do not mate for life, the turtles are long lived and will generally remain with certain balemates for the entirety of their lives. It is suggested this bond is formed from hatch mates that survive together in their younger years. The only time a Typor will ever truly become distressed is if they become seperated from their lifelong companions.

Because of the Typor's bulk they are unable to lay eggs upon land and make it back into the water. Instead Typor will travel to shallow tropical waters, often on shoals or in coral reefs, and lay their eggs as close to the land as they can. Each egg contains pockets of air which allow it float to the surface. Many eggs will stay in the shallows as they grown and develop, but others may drift out to sea in beds of kelp or other ocean debris. This is the most dangerous time for a Typor and 75% of the dozens of eggs a Typor mother lays will be eaten or destroyed before they hatch. When they do a young Typor will often stay inland (if able) to feed on aquatic moss, seaweed, coral, or other plants until it has grown large enough to more safely venture out into the sea. This journey is usually embarked upon by several young Typor which eventually leads to forming of a bale once they have grown.

Typor and Other Aquatic Races

Charbosi harbors a large number of Typor bales, some stationary, and others migratory that remain on the edges and even within the city year round. They are a welcome addition to the city and loved by all who meet them for their gentle and curious nature. Charoda children enjoy riding the perfectly grooved shells, and the ranks of Iyvess in the city protect the Typor bales almost as fiercely as they do the Charoda. Many Typor have been trained and are used as pack animals, able to carry large amounts of goods with little to no effort. The Iyvess rely heavily on the Typor in their constant travels around the Suvan, using the large sea turtles to carry their hammoks, weapons, and other goods from place to place.