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Vass Vervein

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Vass Vervein
Date of birth455 AV (aged 68)
Place of birthKalinor
TitleHead of the Ochya
Wilderness Survival35
Animal Husbandry20

Vass Vervein is the current head of the Ochya.


Vass currently presides the Ochya, the guards of Kalinor. Despite the fact that he is almost sixty years old now, his skill with the spear is still unmatched in Kalinor and nobody even dares to suggest that he retire and leave leading the Ochya to a younger Symenestra. Due to his personality and the fact that he always follows the laws exactly he isn't loved by the people of Kalinor, but he is respected, as much as any hunter or harvester. Even those that do not like him, can't help but acknowledge that he is very efficient.

Appearance and Personality

Vass Vervein is a middle aged Symenestra. He isn't handsome and has never been. He has dark hair that is cut short so that it doesn't hinder him when he is fighting, red eyes and greyish skin. Being a warrior, he is slightly more muscular than the average Symenestra, but still moves as quickly as the rest of them. Vass is a very serious man. He never smiles, not even at the sight of a pretty woman or a little baby. He doesn't make jokes, and only talks when it is absolutely necessary. He only lives for his job and takes his duty to the community extremely serious.