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Wind Reach Songs

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Wind Reach Songs

The Peak of Skyinarta

By the glistenin' peaks, and by the thunderin' bay,
where the sun shines bright on Skyinarta,
where I and the Endal did ever want to stay
on the fiery, fiery peaks of skyinarta -

Twas there that I parted on that faithful morn',
on the bright, bright peaks of Skyinarta.
The Death Riders were callin',
for they knew that I had fall'n
from the steep, steep peaks of Skyinarta.

Now soon they'll fly me home
to that fiery, molten tomb
to forever be a part of Skyinarta.
And I'll watch the hatchlin's sing
and the Endal take to wing
from the deep, deep heart of Skyinarta.

For even though I'm gone,
my spirit lingers on.
I'll forever be a part of Skyinarta.
I'll forever be a part of Skyinarta.

Unknown author

The Floutist's Love

She was a love/ly lass who wan/dered up to me
She had a pret/ty face with eyes/like storm-torn seas
"Hey, ho, you bard,/play a piece for me;"/And so love-struck/was I
that I played a tune for /free./ My song was soft/and short, my notes/were kind and sweet
But to my hor/ror the lady/took her leave./ Hey, ho, the/wench had stole
My song from me/but that's not too/uncommon,/so leave a tip for me.

Hey, Ho, He Flies

He was a great Ea/gle who soared across the skies/his beak, it shone like gold/his breath like mountain sighs.
Hey, ho, he flies/o'er the thundr'ing wake/the dewy dawn ahead,
the vast land he doth forsake./For he is not/tied by chain or strong steel
but by a kin/dred born of blood and so seal'd/Hey, ho, he/flies across
the cloud-ripp'd air/And he nobly/returning/to the home he doth share.

Little Sparrow Lost in Wind

In the morn the sparrow flies into the soft lit sun
On gentle winds that carry him, he danced and sang and spun.
How could the bird now understand the danger that awaits?
The storm clouds grew now as he flew and gentle winds grew great.

For winds do change and weather banes a miserable disaster
The shore is gone, the waves are high, Oh sparrow, do fly faster!
The little bird- he’s flying up, in wind he can’t survive
With crashing voice of thunder and the lightning crash on high

Sir Zulrav, fierce and vengeful cannot help and stop the storm,
Leaving little sparrow lost and hurt, alone, forlorn.
Great winds lift up the little bird and toss him all around,
They lift him high and lift him low, never to touch the ground.

With Zulrav’s voice beating him down, he can’t take anymore
So little sparrow, close your eyes, pray for eternal morn.
He’s waiting for Death’s warm embrace, and Zulrav’s voice grows dim.
He gently opens frightened eyes to find a light ‘round him.

Have faith now, bird. Please don’t be scared. You shall not die today!
The light protects you from the storm, keeps winds and rain at bay.

The sparrow looks around him with his new and opened eyes,
The winds blew miles around yet he could still see open skies!

Look up, dear bird, look up! And see your savior clad in white!
A woman who can make the morn from your eternal night.

She lifts the bird and cradles him, never to let him go.
With gentle kiss upon his brow a blessing she bestows

Through the kiss the bird finds strength to flap his wings once more
The little sparrow lost in wind is found forever more.

In the eve the sparrow flies into the setting sun
On gentle winds that carry him, his journey's just begun.

Created by - Vaas