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Zaragos Kortz

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Image:Scroll2.png "My blade is one of order, and my order shall be obeyed"
- Zaragosh Kortz
Zaragos Kortz

I am law and order
Date of birth472 AV (aged 51)
Place of birthTaloba
TitleHead of the Department of Non-Legal Illegalities
Long Sword78
Gnosis marks

Though Alvadas is a city without rules, it still must have some form of order. Zaragosh Kortz is the man who sees to it that Law and Order are given to the strange and twisting streets of Alvadas. He is bold, strong and unyielding, but unlike most of his race he understands the importance of order. Some say he was changed by the city itself only adding to the many stories credited to Alvadas.



Standing at a strong 5’11’’, the Head of the Department of Non-legal Illegalities strikes an intimidating figure. His skin is a tawny color, and his eyes are like burnished copper. Physically fit, like most of his race, the man’s arms bulge with well toned muscles, and the tendons in his legs are like knotted cords. If one were ever to strike at him they would find his body as hard as steel, and his personality matches his exterior.

The Head of the Department of Non-Legal Illegalities is quite obviously a warrior, his talent in arms matched only by his sternness of character. However, after careful inspection of the man’s body one would not find a single scar marring his frame. It is said that he is well loved by the Goddess Myri, the term used loosely, and that in all his battles none have even been able to injure him. This is only a rumor however, and though believable if one sees the man for oneself, some sense there is foul play involved.

Kortz often keeps his black hair tied back into a fierce warrior’s braid, the end of which comes to the middle of his back. More often than not the man dresses as if he is heading to battle, sometimes even donning plates of armor on his shoulders or arms. He does posses a few sets of formal clothing, more like a dark shirt and leggings that are cleaner than others, but he wears these only sparingly when the situation calls for such attire. Strangely though, he never carries a weapon. Instead, always at his side is a little girl as bubbly and happy, as he is stern and serious. She follows the man everywhere, and she has even become a part of his every day attire. Most within the Department do not think much on this, as it has become a common occurrence to them.


Then man’s interior is just as rough as his exterior. Lacking all but the barest of social graces, Kortz is blunt and to the point in every way, often to the embarrassment of his Supervisor. If given the choice the department Head would never be left behind a desk, but his supervisor keeps him relatively in line, though it is not clear how this is done. He takes his position as a law enforcer very seriously, and if he sees any act of unlawfulness he is quick to act, never hesitating to use his strength to subdue the wrong doer and bring them in himself.

It is said that none can injure the bronze skinned man, and to this day none in the department have see the contraire to this. That is, unless they happened upon Kortz and the Head of the Census Bureau during one of their sparing matches. The two seem to have some history together, though of what nature none can say, however it is clear that the lazy, skirt chasing drunk seems to be a nearly even match for the Department Head. Their battles are often long, and sometimes Kortz comes away bloody, but the next day not a trace of his injury is seen.

It is well known that the Head of the Department of Non-Legal Illegalities is a master with a sword, but he is never seen carrying his weapon. Instead he always keeps his companion close, a little girl whom he calls Nadie. He takes her wherever he goes, whether it be to the battle field or to secret meetings of the Department Heads, the girl is ever by his side. With this child Kortz’s personality changes as well. His voice is softer, his eyes a bit kinder to this bubbly girl, and he is not above taking her on his shoulders, much to the amusement of those in his department. Be warned, however, any comments made to such occurrences are quickly silenced by one large fist. Strangely though, Kortz is at times seen whispering unusual phrases under his breath to the girl, and if a battle is eminent his hand firmly grasps Nadie’s. There is no explanation for this behavior, and if asked the subject is quickly changed or the asker silenced.



Zaragos Kortz

Date of birth501 AV (aged 22)
Place of birthAlvadas


Standing at about 4’5’’, Nadie is cute and bubbly. Laughs and giggles fall from her lips like ripe plums from a tree, and her shining eyes and round face are very expressive. Her hair is well kept, often bound into strange styles that she creates herself, but if ever let down it would reach past her waist. When she smiles it brightens her entire face, making her almost seem to glow. When she is sad tears fall freely down her cheeks as she openly weeps. Nadie is a very expressive girl, her moods sudden and fantastic, and her soul is made completely clear in her expressions.

Her clothing is often strange or unusual, ranging from dresses to leggings and even to two-piece bathing suits for one reason or another. It is clear that the girl simple wears what she wants with little or no regard for the occasion. She enjoys bright colors, often shades of green and blue, and the designs are fantastic and unusual to say the least.


Like her clothing, Nadie’s personality is strange and unusual. Her emotions are quick to come and go, and she expresses these feelings freely despite the situation. Perhaps her one feature that does not change, however, is her devotion to the stern Head of the Department of Non-Legal Illegalities. Her admiration and love for the man is clear to any who see her with him, and that is most everyone. She never leaves his side, and it is to this man alone that she listens. Ever quick to display her affections, Nadie will often take the man’s hand, or try to at least, and at times even climb up on his shoulders to sit and watch the world from her new vantage. To be sure, if anything happened to Kortz, the girl would be devastated, and her abilities are as of yet unknown.