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Image:Scroll2.png "If anything, He looks too hard and cares too much, and there is little He can do but let his storm winds blow."
- Semele, Goddess of Earth

Let the Wind Blow!
TitleThe God of Storms
DomainWind, Storm, Air
Divine rank3
SymbolsHurricane, Gust of Wind, Blowing Tree, Tornado
Worshipped inThroughout Mizahar

The God Zulrav controls the weather on Mizahar, especially in terms of the winds. All the winds belong to this God. Zulrav has close ties to Semele, whom some cultures, like the Drykas, consider his lover. He is, perhaps surprisingly, one of the more personable gods. He speaks to his followers with an open mind, often revealing his thoughts to them. Zulrav keeps a host of followers who act as the eyes and ears, supporting what the winds know. Zulrav likes to mark his Stormwardens at birth, often welcoming them into the world with a fierce storm. He keeps close tabs on the other Gods, for it is said that he knows all things the winds touch.

"I have gone by many names over the ages." Lightning crackled throughout the air, mimicking a voice. "There was a time when a new breed of creatures came to this place from a distant world among the stars. I very much disliked these people at first, for they were the newest and yet acted as though they had been here the longest. And so, while other gods gave them gifts and blessings, I gave these creatures - humans, as they went by - storm, hail and lightning. I visited hurricanes and tornadoes upon their cities, doused their fires and crushed their roofs. At that time, they called me the Harsh One, the Slap of the World, He Who Hisses in the Night, and a myriad other colorful names that sound quite amusing in retrospect. Sometimes I miss the naive fantasies of those ancient people. They still had the ability to marvel at things, like pups and children do; then came ages when they thought they had learned everything there was to learn, and off they went to kill one another to convince themselves that they had learned well.

"Even I can't remember the exact moment when I started to like them. You could say they grew on me after a while. Some of them started praying to me, and even I was surprised to hear not all of them were praying for their lives and safety. I would have taken no heed of such invocations borne of blind fear - I never do. No, they were asking for freedom and enlightenment. They wanted to fly and were ready to abandon their comfort to do so. Thus were the Stormwardens born."


Zulrav often appears as a windswept figure made of the storm clouds themselves. Unlike other Gods and Goddesses that seem to have a more mundane appearance, Zulrav has never been seen wearing the form of a mortal man or any of the other sentient races across Mizahar. Instead, he swirls around the person he's conversing with, never manifesting fully. His voice is said to be the boom of thunder and his touch the gentle caress of the wind.



Zulrav's Appearances
heightPrisoner's DilemmaAppears to Nya Winters to charge her with a life task.
heightCan You Catch The Wind?Appears to Rhylen.
heightCalming the StormAppears to Yuralria to tell her about her heritage.