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The Mistress of Shadows.
TitleNight's Mistress, The Night Mother, The Darkest Shadow
DomainNight, Shadows, Darkness, Secrets, Stealth
Divine rank3
SymbolsBlack or Dark Blue Triangle, A New Moon
CultsThe Irst
Worshipped inThroughout Mizahar
ChampionKeval North

"Akajia" is the Night Incarnate. Standing in the darkness, one is surrounded by her essence and cannot deny the night is a living, breathing thing. A woman. Dark. Endless. Dependable to come; unpredictable upon arrival. Night will always fall. But she is not without boundaries. The night is curtailed by Syna's light. While Leth illuminates her and Zintila crowns her with glittering stars, Akajia is still a major force in the divine world. It is said her love for Wysar tinted his skin dark. And as the mother of the Akalak, they too are shadowed by her bloodlines and wear the evidence in their skin tones - dark and rich.

Akajia manifests as a dark-skinned (often blue) woman with long silken hair that is always enshrouded by shadows that seem to live and move on their own. She is lithe and thin, and has a dark beauty with bright eyes that speaks of secrets older than time. They whisper loudly in a language only Akajia and her faithful know, Makath. When Akajia or one of her marked is near, the shadows in her immediate area seem to spring to life and speak as well, even if she is not manifested.

She has no qualms about stretching her essence over the land and walking among people during Syna's retreat. She is generally not curious about them, though, and often treats people as an oddity she simply does not quite understand. This may or may not be an act, considering that Akajia has a healthy following among the many races of Mizahar. Indifferent would be a better term, perhaps, as she is more focused on the darkness and what it conceals. Akajia is the awareness of secrets and the queen of shadows. Neither good nor evil, Akajia is perhaps one of the truly neutral goddesses known to Mizahar. Her agenda, if she has one, is enshrouded by secrets wrapped in enigmas and closely guarded by a Goddess's inherent darkness.

The Night Mother has an inherent dislike of spies and those who are information brokers. The secrets her Night Stalkers gather are Hers and Hers alone. What her followers learn, she often knows immediately as well. That is why so many of her marked walk the world. Selling any secrets for money is a sin against the Goddess herself and is asking for the acquisition of a negative mark. She will often warn her followers if she finds them doing things that displease her, but after her singular warning, if they don't change their ways she will turn their marks negative and curse them in the dark forever.

Akajia's followers have united into a group known as the Irst ("Irst" means veil in the Ancient Tongue) in current times. The Irst move in unique ways, gathering information for reasons of their own. Unlike Akajia who does not deal often or easily with people, the Irst tend to live in cultural centers and have no trouble moving among them. It is thought that Yshul's followers are often in close contact with Akajia's for their mutual benefit.


  • Night Stalking - Shadow manipulation and movement through them. Communication with the shadows of Akajia, including the knowledge of the language of Makath.


Akajia's Appearances
heightDigging where the darkness liesAppears to Raiha.
heightAkajia appears to explorers to educate and inspire them.Appears to Kelski and Kynier.