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The Glow
TitleThe Sun Goddess
DomainSun, Sight
Divine rank3
SymbolsGlowing Sun, An Eye With Burning Sun Pupil
CultsNone Known

It was said when Tawannen sacrificed his being in the last great cosmic war, he was fragmented into a million shards. From those tiny pieces, a multitude of Gods and Goddess’ sprang, the world reformed, and change ushered by time caused the creation of all things life now knows. A tiny fragment of this first divinity, a burning piece of his energy and joy became Syna. So full of energy and brightness, this young Goddess shown her light and nourishment for Kihala’s benefit and thus became her first handmaiden. Fueled by Syna’s inexhaustible energy, Kihala spread life through the newly formed world and ushered in a fresh age full of promise as the universe calmed in the aftermath of the great cosmic war.

Syna’s brightness burned and illuminated all she touched and all she could see. That which was hidden was revealed within her light, and thus it was that Syna often saw more than others when her golden beams caressed the world. A forgiving and somewhat neutral open personality, she danced with both the tame and the wild and embraced both equally having an enormous capacity for revelation and joy. And thus it was that her light eventually touched Leth, a wild dark son of Tawannen’s fragmentation.. He calmed in her presence and she stirred in his: a perfect balance. And eventually, to augment both their roles, Tanora appointed them the sun and moon, releasing them into Zintila’s glittering sky.

But like all things, perfection rarely lasts. The Valterrian happened and Zintila fell to aid Semele and prevent her death. Zintila’s fall was a violent tragic thing, burning up her power and causing even the very sky to scream. Syna, close to Zintila and generous beyond measure, moved to act to assist her sky sister in a near panic, afraid for Zintila’s very existence. Leth, seeing only tragedy in Syna’s generosity caught his lover seasons before their scheduled rendezvous, and held her back, sheltering her, preventing her from falling from the sky as her sister had.

Regardless, Syna’s action to assist Zintila brought her too close to Zintila’s fall and it was only Leth’s intervention that saved her. As Syna screamed and fought him, wanting to help Zintila even as she all but destroyed herself saving Semele. But Leth knew the danger and held her back, knowing she belonged in the sky and would never walk the land again as she had as a handmaiden. Syna’s frantic struggles brought the pair too close to the epicenter and though Syna was sheltered, held back by Leth’s determination and dark love, Leth himself was exposed, taking the full brunt of Zintila’s near destruction.. It rent him from his place in the sky and he dragged Syna with him, not willing to trust her alone in her grief and pain and in the confusion of the Valterrian. His wild spontaneous nature, that which others had always judged him cautiously for, saved them both. But it did not prevent a dark pall to be cast over the world as the sun and moon retreated from the sky to heal and calm after that tragic day.

Syna eventually calmed and together with Leth, resumed her proper place in the sky. The stars, however, never shown quite as bright with the fall of the star goddess. And it was from then on that no Mizaharian star was able to shine through Syna’s light to gleam on its own in the daylight sky.

In regards to her relationship with her followers, most individuals describe her presence in their lives as warm, invigorating, and comforting. She has a close personal relationship with them that often results in whispers when sunlight bounces off their skin and a feeling of being 'recharged' energetically when they walk within her light. Syna has a personality that is hard to dislike. But her attention and affection can have negative results as well. In the places she loves best, her constant attention and affection often results in high temperatures, burning sand, and an overall environment that is harsh to most sentient life. The same can be said of areas she dislikes more than others and thus does not give much attention too. The sun is weak in the northern regions and sentient life can often suffer from this as well. It is only in those places where Syna's affection is tempered do people truly thrive.



Syna's lands within the Ukalas are called the Goldenlands. It is said this is where Syna retreats to when she leaves the sky above Miazhar and hands over that dominion to Leth. The Goldenlands have boundaries and firm geography like all god-claimed space among the Ukalas.

Mark Opposition

Syna, as the Goddess of Sight, does not relate well to Akajia, Goddess of Darkness and Secrets. Syna will never bless someone with her mark if that person is already marked by Akajia. For those who already have Syna's mark but are then somehow marked by Akajia, Syna will turn her mark on them negative to reflect her displeasure. Syna also will never mark one who has been marked by Uldr. Those who become marked by Uldr while already having Syna's mark will also find their Inavalti turned negative. Generally speaking, Syna frowns upon those baring her mark who then gain a mark by any of the other Dark Gods including Ssena, Rhysol, Vayt, Sagallius or Krysus and will rarely, if ever, mark those who already bare these dark marks.



Syna's Appearances
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