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Image:Scroll2.png "I think he was interested in giving my story a proper ending. One where everybody died."
- Wolkirk the Slayer

TitleThe Screaming Tear
Divine rank3
CultsThe Returned

Uldr is the god of the undead. He is the patron god of the creatures that defy nature and the laws of life; oftentimes, he is the one gifting them with powers of fear and destruction so they can mete out their revenge on the living. To borrow Uldr's power is to succumb to mad hunger and desire, becoming a pawn in his quest for a world filled with the children of undeath.



Uldr can take on many guises, but he will usually look like a child or young man with a sad, sullen expression and tears of blood flowing down his black eyes. He dresses formally and rather elegantly, with a penchant for suits that look very creepy on such a young child. A feeling of overwhelming loneliness emanates from his person. He sounds kind and soft-spoken, if excessively formal, but his words subtly aim to provoke anger and resentment towards basically anyone.


Uldr believes that unlife is the ultimate evolution of life, and aims to make it the only possible kind of life. He thinks that the cycle of reincarnations in the afterlife is fundamentally wrong, because it forces souls to basically start over just as their existences becomes truly interesting. The only way out of this cycle is through eternal unlife, which he provides to any who ask for it and possess enough potential to be useful to him.

In order to ensure that life is converted to unlife, Uldr's price for power is hunger for the living or their flesh and blood. The only undead to escape this curse are those who do not borrow power from Uldr, such as the Nuit. Uldr unleashes his augmented undead into the world, knowing that they will spread death and destruction in their wake as they take care of their unfinished business. This will, in turn, generate pain and suffering leading to more mortals walking the path of unlife.

Uldr is a silver tongue, incredibly skilled at playing on the weaknesses of people in order to fuel their hatred and convince them to accept his offer. He does so politely, almost apologetically, but actually pushing forward his agenda without a care for anyone else.


Cults of Uldr tend to fall into one of two categories - those who merely wish to acquire eternal life and those who actually seek to spread Uldr's influence. Uldr is more interested in the latter type, though any reason for seeking unlife is fine by him; they all become his hunger-driven slaves in the end.

Undead serve Uldr hoping to acquire more power, or be freed from their eternal hunger. While the first is much more likely to happen, some of Uldr's chief subordinates need to be able to think more clearly than the rest and are given a reprieve from their cravings. Mortals serve Uldr in hopes of becoming powerful undead, whether or not they understand what the condition entails.

Uldr's relationship with the Nuit is more complex, and scholars disagree on the reason why he taught Human wizards how to create undead of their own, unaffected by the hunger of hatred. Many Nuit feel an obligation to worship Uldr of their own will for this reason. It is likely that Uldr felt the benefit of allowing the Nuit to exist outweighed the loss.


Uldr is eager to give out Gnosis marks, which come with the aforementioned desire to consume people. Powers from his marks are quite varied, but none are kind on the living they affect. Uldr seeks to spread a chain of fear and pain among them, a world of avengers and avengers on the avengers; this shows in the Gnosis powers he gives out. The name of this Gnosis is Returning.


Uldr's Appearances
heightUpon a StarUldr offers to save Miro's life.
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