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Queen of the Dead
TitleGoddess of Death, Queen of the Dead
Divine rank2
SymbolsScythe, Jackal
CultsBlack Rock
Worshipped inTaloba, Black Rock, throughout Mizahar

The Goddess of Death, Dira is endlessly patient and considers balance to be important. She knows everyone will pass eventually, and is in no rush to claim as many souls as she can. Death is simply necessary, and the beginning of the next adventure. Dira is responsible for making sure that the souls of the dead go where they are supposed to go - to Lhex, or to any other gods who may have laid claim to them. She is always accompanied on her travels by her two jackals - Before, who is solid black, and After, who is white.



Worshiped throughout Mizahar, Dira rules over the sphere of death as the counterpart of Kihala. She also rules over Black Rock, a delightfully morbid citadel off of the coast of Falyndar. How often she is there, however, is open to question. Some would call her a leader in name only, but the island is under her protection.

Dira does not decide what happens to a soul once its living body dies - instead, she is in charge of ensuring that the soul is guided to its proper realm. Myri's Myrians, for example, go directly to Myri. Considering how many deities exist in the Mizaharian pantheon, it's not hard for a soul to get lost, or trapped in a god's realm. Dira will guide each soul to its proper place.

While she knows that all come to her eventually, there are those that try to cheat the system, and in that case, that's when Dira is entitled to have a little bit of fun. Part of her job is to hunt down the stragglers who constantly extend their mortality, and return them to the cycle.


Dira is usually neutral and brutally honest. They say that she is no respecter of persons--no one is exempt from death. She gets along quite well with her counterpart, Kihala, Goddess of Life. Too much life leads to suffering. Death is a natural occurrence. While Rak'keli pursues her feud with Dira, it is one-sided. Dira is in no rush to usher the living to the ranks of the dead - she knows that all will come to her eventually.

Death is about balance - if too many of the living dwell, then more die and suffer. Death is merciful, death is a deliverance. It is something to be celebrated, not dreaded or feared.


Dira's Omens are the silent honor guard that look after Black Rock and Dira. Wearing heavy, hooded black cloaks and jackal masks, they show no signs of any prior identity between that which they now claim - servitors of Death. They give Dira their life, and she gives them a new one in return. The Omens do not communicate through sounds, but through gestures. Some say that the Omens can speak directly into one's mind - making their words seem like the person's own thoughts.

Seeing an Omen is generally regarded as a very bad sign - that death of someone is imminent.




Ending the Cycle

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