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"I Heal - Hearts and Minds"
TitleGoddess of Healing and Health
DomainHealing, Health
Divine rank2
SymbolsWinged Snakes, Mortar and Pestle
CultsThe Opal Order
Worshipped inThroughout Mizahar

Rak'keli is the Goddess of Healing and the fraternal twin sister of the Goddess of Visions, Avalis. Though they were not born identical, their personalities are strikingly similar. Called the Dark Sister, in contrast to Avalis' being the Light Sister, Rak'keli's name means to 'rise above.' Rak'keli dwells on Konti Isle at the Opal Temple quite frequently when she is not traveling the realm. She has a good working relationship with Laviku and often assists him when he or his sea denizens have need. Of all the Gods and Goddesses, Rak'keli is the most generous with her powers. Followers of hers are granted elaborate tattooing, mostly facial, that serve as Gnosis Marks that grant them the ability to heal. The most famous of these followers are the Opal Order.

She demands loyalty of her followers, and before she grants a third gnosis mark, she will require followers to look exclusively to her first and foremost. Rak'keli is one of the easiest Goddesses to talk to and is likely to appear in critical situations - especially plagues or in the aftermath of war - to help however she can.

Rak'keli is also constantly at odds with Dira, snatching the living back from the brink of death in numerous ways. Some would say the two Goddesses are at war with each other. Though this is not quite the truth, the two divine women have a sort of uneasy understanding with each other.

Rak'keli's whole purpose is to balance out the tricksters, the undermining secret back alley whisperers, and kick the ever loving life out of the lurkers who cause trouble by erosion of value or faith. Her people are wholesome, honest, forthright warriors for the light. Tenacious, fierce, and dedicated, healers battle in ways that are just as fierce as an Akalak picking up a sword or a human Reimancer launching a firebolt. Their weapons are herbs, scalpels, bandages, poisons, and knowledge - lots of knowledge. Rak'keli is not the secretive sort to curse or keep a healer humble by burdening them by an illness that weakens them. She wants her soldiers fit and ready to fight. Rak'keli doesn't play games or provide obstacles for her people, because the world is filled with enough of these already in existence and ready to be faced - more than enough. Just stepping out into the world subjects a person to these obstacles.


Rak'keli has two pet winged serpents called the Rakanivas. One is male and one is female and they occasionally produce offspring that she gifts to her priests and priestesses. It is said that if the Rakanivas are fed toxins or poisons, their venom will become the anti-toxin or poison. One bite is enough, after several hours from the serpents ingesting the poison, to ready their venom, and cure even the most heavily poisoned individuals. Rak'keli takes her symbol from her pets.



Rak'keli's Appearances
heightHealer of Ages Past to Healer of Ages PresentAppears to Taithrosa Eldytia.
heightHealing the EnemyAppears to Hex.
heightWeavings of DestinyAppears to Kiska.
heightShouldering the SkyAppears to Caelum.
heightShadows in the MirrorAppears to Serrif Von Chatlyn.