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Goddess of Divination
TitleThe Seer
DomainVisions, Divination
Divine rank3
SymbolsSeer's Lily
CultsThe Konti Seers
Worshipped inKonti - The White Isle

Avalis is the Goddess of Visions and Divination. Her sister, Rak'keli the Goddess of Healing, and she live upon Konti Isle for most of the year along with her mate Laviku, the Sea God. Avalis is the mother of the Konti women and tends to mark each of one of them at birth with a gift. Though Avalis is less powerful than her sister, her visions touch every aspect of the living, opening up pathways to possibilities and revealing truths that can otherwise be obscured. It is said that Avalis was once the queen of Laviku's Otani, and that he froze her in her current form and brought her forth from the sea so he could more truly love her.

Avalis is generous with her gifts, though rarely does she grant her gnosis marks to non-Konti individuals. Once marked, Avalis' followers enjoy a distant relationship with her, rarely having face to face contact until their third or fourth mark.



Avalis' Appearances
heightThe Circle Is Going To Come AroundAppears to Trista.
heightHair of the DogAppears to Sondra.
heightShow the Way Little Pink ShellsAppears to Satu.