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God of the Sea
TitleThe Sea King
DomainThe Oceans, Sea life, Svefra
Divine rank2
SymbolsWave, Shark, Trident
CultsThe Kalvikasi
Worshipped inThroughout Mizahar, particularly by Svefra, Otani, and Charoda.
ChampionNaku Tidalwave

Laviku is the God of the Sea and all that encompasses it. Considered a father figure to several key races in Mizahar, Laviku has a great deal of interaction with the sentient races in the world. Having been directly responsible for Avalis' creation as well as the formation of the Konti race, Laviku has a vested interest in both Goddess and Race and leaves his mark upon them heavily. To other races Laviku is welcoming to individuals that honor him or sacrifice to him. Perhaps more than any God on Mizahar, Laviku is very motivated and demanding of sacrifice. If ships laden with cargo set sail on his seas without an offering to Him, they often do not make it to their destinations intact. Laviku is Avalis' mate and partner, which means He is often upon Mura with his mate. He can, however, be found elswhere in a blink of an eye if the need arises. Laviku is approachable and is often seen as a vaguely humanoid man, older, with long flowing seaweed for hair and beard. He is usually in the company of one or more of his Alvina which he often uses for transportation or security. Laviku is very active and observant in the worlds oceans so very little that transpires there escapes his notice.

Laviku's Children

Laviku has unfortunately, before helping Avalis ascend to Godhood, come in contact with many Goddesses and has fathered many sons and daughters on either Goddesses or mortal creatures. His seas team with Alvina who are of a specific class called the Kalvikasi. The Kalvikasi form a powerful group onto themselves which are normally controlled by the Champion of Laviku when one is present. The Kaviskasi do Laviku's bidding and often appear in times and places of trouble as Laviku's liaisons. It is unusual for a Kavikasi to have a reasonable or handsome mortal visage. Most often these creatures are great Leviathans of the sea, taking on forms familiar and usually enormous to reflect their power. Kavikasi List:

  • Forthcoming


  • Oceanus - The manipulation of Oceans and Ocean Denizens


Laviku's Appearances
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