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Image:Scroll2.png "They sing to me of history. Sometimes they sing of storms to come or ports in turmoil. And when they have calmed they can often speak clearly. They are Laviku's servants through and through and their only loyalty is to him. And it is said that Avalis came from among them."
- Sarah Windbright, Svefra Musician & Historian
Threat levelLow to medium
Major featuresScales, human features, musical abilities, fluid natures
Most common inOceans, rivers, streams, waterways, lakes, and ponds.

The Otani (pl. Otani) are the most common Moldlings in the history of Mizahar. Created by Laviku in the days of old when the ocean was all there was, the Otani remember long into the past and see far into the future. They are one and all musicians and singers, sometimes seductresses, but often pests to those who make their home on the ocean. Otani can be male or female, and are one and all servants of Laviku who bear his marks as proof.



When life sprang into being on Mizahar and the gods scattered across its face, Laviku claimed the sea as his own and was lonely in his element. It was in those times that he crafted the Otani and gave them life through Kihala's generosity. They spread across the world's oceans and became Laviku's faithful servants. The Otani are Laviku's eyes and ears beneath the sea. What they know so too does the God. Faithful almost to a fault, the Otani frequently act as Laviku's Servants and Messengers. When the first ships started sailing Mizahar's seas after the land rose and populations of sentient humans spread, it was the Otani that tracked the movements of ships and accepted the offerings of sailors made in Laviku's name. It was also the Otani who sank ships and called leviathans to dispose of them if no tribute or offering was paid.


The Otani are fluid creatures, rarely holding one shape for more than a few breaths before moving to a new form. They are vaguely humanoid, but often are seen with lower torsos ending in scaled fins or tentacles. They shift colors like chameleons or with their moods. And while they are normally humanoid, they can occasionally looks like fish, or even stranger things they've witnessed upon the shores such as horses or even dogs they've met playing along the shore. In terms of size, Otani can be as small as a single drop of water or as large as a medium-sized whale (Orca or Grey). Otani don't seem to shift their size as often as they do their shape, preferring one size over another. Most are decidedly human sized or smaller. Otani have the ability to hold phosphorescence in the darkness. They are also great at mimicking faces they see, not perfectly, but in a way that bears strong resemblance. That means if someone is speaking with one, there is a high chance of seeing their own semblance in the Otani's face once or twice during the course of a conversation.


Playful, fickle, easily distracted - Because of their shapeshifting fluid forms, weapons rarely harm them. They are swift busy creatures with independent minds and clever thinking. They are often responsible for mischief at sea. Otani can blend perfectly into the water they dwell within, though they are easily spotted when surfacing or playing in wakes. Out of water they are obvious in their nature for they lose their ability to shapeshift and hold their last form until dry. Dryness to an Otani means death. Without water, they cannot breathe. Above water, they cannot breathe well without their 'gills' being moist. Otani often wield djed very very well. They seemingly have an overabundance of it and thus make very good water reimancers. Otani have been known to make friends and remember people they've met throughout their lives. Otani have very fickle natures with short attention spans. They are reactive and playful, so it takes a great deal of effort (or a directive from Laviku himself) to cause one to be serious.


Otani are hard to hold and even harder to kill. But that does not mean they aren't vulnerable. They are. Simply withhold water from an Otani and it will perish in just a few bells outside of their watery worlds. Otani can be poisoned as well. They take their nutrition like other creatures, feeding as omnivorous manner. So bad food can readily effect them negatively. Because of their magical monstrous nature, Otani have no internal organs or bodily structures like a mammal would have. Instead they are mostly fluid filled and djed heavy.


The wealthy and curious have often taken Otani into captivity. Away from the sea, the Otani are vulnerable unless they can find a water source to survive in. Fresh water is acceptable when salt water is not present. Though incredibly unhealthy, Otani can be kept in tanks and troughs, though such slavery and servitude is unbearably harsh on them. Especially talented musician and singer Otani are particularly sought after. The Otani are also considered a source of musical talent on Mizahar. And accordingly some people believe that eating Otani flesh or drinking Otani blood can grant musical ability.

Thread Appearances

The Otani's Appearances
heightIn Over His HeadAppears to Kirvan Deepseeker and Mark Darkwater.

Otani PCs

Otani PCs
heightUmen'thiaThe girl is everything, she believes, an Otani should be.

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