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Opal Temple

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Image:Scroll2.png "The Opal Temple rises above the sea glowing like the inside of a shell. Within, books and healers fill its walls, all competing for each other to heal the wounds of the Valterrian."
- Skyla Nivan, Kennel Mistress of The Opal Temple
The Opal Temple in Mura on Konti Isle.

The Opal Temple is located on Konti Isle in the city of Mura. Home of the Opal Order, the temple houses the devotees of Rek'keli, Goddess of Healing, and trains some of the finest healers around. The temple itself also houses the Healer's Library]], famous throughout Mizahar for its enormous medicinal collection of literature, diaries, scrolls, and its enormous herbal collection.

The Opal Temple also breeds the Ivaski, a fierce wolfish breed of canine that act as protectors for the Healers as they wander the world, searching for new material for the Healers Library while curing all the ails they can.