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Konti Isle

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The White Isle.

Also known as the White Isle, Konti Isle is the home of the Konti and the small city of Mura. Konti Isle is located off the eastern coast of Sylira north of Sahova in the Gulf of Vaska. Konti Isle is famous for its Silver Lake, a source of Vision Water that is famous throughout Mizahar. Konti is also rife with Gods and Goddesses because the sisters Avalis (Goddess of Visions and Divination) and Rak'keli (Goddess of Healing) make their home there, along with Laviku, the God of the Sea.

Konti Isle is also the original home of the Ivaski, the enormous white canine guardians of the Opal Order Healers found in the Opal Temple. This island is also refered to as the 'White Isle' because for part of the year, its enormous coniferous forests turn silvery white to a deep sapphire blue, their needles changing colors along with the Silver Watchtower's season changes.