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Opal Order

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Opal Order

A member of the Opal Order displaying her prominent Gnosis Mark from Rak'keli.
LeaderRanista Kalnar
Most common inMura
Faction godsRak'keli
StrongholdThe Opal Temple

The Opal Order is a group of healing men and women founded in Mura by the Konti which are dedicated to promoting the health of the world and healing the physical and mental ills of the world. The Opal Order is primarily made up of Konti women, though men and other races are welcome within their ranks. They worship Rak'keli (either in part or exclusively) and must be marked by Her to enter the Order itself. The Opal Order are headquartered in The Opal Temple located in the city of Mura on Konti Isle.



The Opal Order has a very simple mission statement. "Only within compassion, can we find that the world's sorrows and wounds may be healed completely." They live by the creed, and tend to stay out of conflicts of every sort. When they do take sides, they do so because they feel strongly for one side or another. As such, they are welcome in numerous locations throughout Mizahar because they almost always trade their very renown healing arts for room and board. Opal Order members are required to spend significant chunks of their lives wandering Mizahar for the greater good of the Order. For although they heal, first and foremost, their secondary mission is to gather knowledge on medicines, herbs and medical techniques to add to the great Medical Library on Konti. Some might view the Opal Order as some sort of artifact scavengers because they often appear in locations where miraculous healing has occurred to seek the source or at very least the knowledge behind the healing event.


Eighty-five percent of the total of the Opal Order is made up of Konti females. Males are welcome, but usually make up less than five percent. The other ten percent of the Opal Order consists of other races - some found relatively close to Mura, others found scattered throughout Mizahar. Members must study on Konti for at least two years to be considred a full member. This study time can be roleplayed out or in fact be part of your characters background.

Maintaining Membership

First and foremost, to become initiated into the order someone must earn a single Gnosis Mark from the Goddess Rak'keli. Healing comes from this goddess as a Gnosis Gift, while Medicine, Herbalism and Poisons (so they know how to counter them) all can be learned by anyone. Once marked, the Opal Order member must be actively working towards at least a 75 in Medicine and Herbalism. If Rak'keli so deems it, they will eventually receive a second and perhaps a third Gnosis Mark, making them extremely powerful. They must worship Rak'keli, either in part or entirely, and swear to follow the oath of the Opal Order. They are also required to go on pilgrimages to seek out new healing to the future generations of the order.


Members of the Opal Order are all considered equal to one another after they are given their full status and conclude with their studies. Once a full Healer, they outrank (according to their customs) the students but are otherwise completely equal to everyone save the Matriarch or Patriarch, which are voted into their leadership positions by common election.

  • Opal Order Students (Those within their two year scholarship)
  • Opal Order Healers (Full ranking Opal Order members who've completed schooling)
  • The Opal Order Matriarch/Patriarch (The Leader of the Opal Order, elected by a vote of all the Healers.)


Most Opal Order Healers wear distinctive opalescent robes with black bodysuits beneath. They tend to wear prominent Gnosis Marks on their faces, hands, and shoulders. Often tattooing accompanies these Gnosis Mark to accent them proudly. They often choose white horses to ride, white donkeys to carry their stuff if they opt not to ride, and are accompanied by large white wolf-like canines called Ivaski that act as protectors for their persons.