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Image:Scroll2.png "Undead is such a biased word. Please call me metadead."
- Zarik Mashaen, Archwizard of Sahova

The undead are creatures that keep on existing after physical death because of some unnatural circumstances. In this they differ from ghosts, which are natural phenomena. An undead in Mizahar is created through craft or divine intervention - usually by Uldr, their patron god.


The afterlife in Mizahar consists mainly of reincarnation, wherein a soul visits the god of fate, Lhex, in order to have its memories erased and be assigned to a new rebirth. Only after an immense number of lifetimes can the average soul manage to mature and perfect itself to the point that a god will take it into the Ukalas, which (theoretically -- the Ethaefal would beg to differ) concludes this soul's cosmic cycle. Reincarnation is voluntary; a soul does not have to go through the process, though most will do so almost immediately. Those who stay behind become ghosts. If external forces are at play, however, a soul might turn into an actual undead.

Undeath comes in many forms, some more bearable than others. By far the most common type of undead is the Nuit, a race of body-jumping creatures. They inhabit corpses but are unable to maintain them, so they have to switch to a new body regularly, or face their demise. Nuit can be created by master-level practitioners of Animation, a branch of world magic, or they can spread their curse naturally. Nuit are also unique in that they are not consumed by lust for blood and destruction; on the contrary, they tend to come across as distant and aloof. However, they lack the powers other undead possess.

Undead created by Uldr are not as fortunate as the Nuit. They are given much greater abilities thanks to Uldr's Gnosis (called Returning), but often lose much more than they gain. While he ropes them in with sweet promises, Uldr cares nothing for them, only viewing them as instruments of his agenda. He wants life to disappear and be caged in global undeath for all, and his servants strive to make that happen. Even though no two undead are equal, Uldr's minion can be broadly classified as:

  • Chained Ones - these are low-level undead who are bound to a shell of flesh or bone. They often have enhanced bodies but rarely any special abilities.
  • Wretched Ones - mid-level overseers, these are often shapeshifters with remarkable intelligence and specialized abilities.
  • Desolate Ones - they are the upper echelon of Uldr's servants. Their real form is ethereal, but they can switch to a corporeal shape at will. They are very powerful and more than a match for a majority of mortals. Uldr's current Champion, Wolkirk the Slayer, is a Desolate One.