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God of Evil
TitleThe Defiler
DomainEvil, Chaos, Betrayal, Lies
Divine rank2
SymbolsBlack Sun
CultsThe Black Sun

Rhysol is a name spoken by few and feared by many. It is the name given by mortals to all that is corrupted, twisted, chaotic and evil. It is the name given to the God of Evil. Rhysol is a twisted, unpredictable, and eternally dark and evil god who rules over all negativity. He constantly strives to consolidate his control over everything opposite of good and pure. Since the beginning of mortal existence, there have been lies, betrayal and corruption and through it all there has been Rhysol. Despised by every single deity in the pantheon of Mizahar, both good and evil, none can deny his power and influence over the world. In the heart of every mortal lies the potential for dark deeds. In the back of every mind a mysterious voice whispers thoughts and desires of betrayal and lies; of corruption and chaos, this is the voice of Rhysol. The Defiler appears to his followers in one of many forms. His favored are that of a tall, dark-haired man with milky white eyes devoid of pupils or irises or a black flame baring a humanoid shape.



Rhysol holds power over betrayal, lies, chaos and evil with an iron fist. Not even the other gods and goddesses laying claim to the darker aspects of existence dare challenge his authority. Before the Valterrian, Rhysol held a moderate amount of power. As the living world thrived and prosperity flowed through the land, the threat of betrayal and lies was reduced and chaos was held at bay. Of course evil existed in many forms but it did not have the chance to fully ingrain itself into the lives of those who lived upon Mizahar. Of course that would not last and Rhysol knew this more better than anyone. It was He who sewed the seeds of betrayal when he opened the eyes of Emperor of Suva to his bride's impurity as an act of betrayal, inevitably causing the Valterrian. When this happened, Rhysol sat back and watched the fireworks. Following that, chaos reigned and with it Rhysol's influence grew exponentially. In the centuries after the Valterrian, many a mortal has turned to him for guidance as none know better the essence of chaos and ruin as the God who rules over it all.

The most sacred of days are those where an eclipse occurs. At the height of an eclipse, the sun appears to turn black. During this time, Rhysol is known to walk the land spreading chaos and evil wherever he steps foot. Ironically, the day of the Valterrian was the day of an eclipse.


Rhysol thirsts for power. If anything, he sees the new era as belonging to him. The fact that his greatest enemy, Sylir, is dead, provides him with the perfect opportunity to integrate himself into everything. Though a select few know, Rhysol was responsible for the death of Sylir during the Valterrian. While peace and civilization was threatened, Sylir turned his attention from Rhysol for but a moment. That was all that Rhysol needed to destroy his greatest foe. This attack did not go unanswered and before the God of Peace fell, he struck a mighty blow, preventing Rhysol from total domination of Mizahar. In the end, Sylir was destroyed, Rhysol was wounded, and the domain of Peace and Civilization was left shattered with none able to take up the mantle in Sylir's stead. Now, with the absence of Sylir, Rhysol and his religious order, The Black Sun work to tighten their grip over Mizahar and one day bring the Defiler to the position of God of Gods.

Rhysol is an unpredictable god. He enjoys bringing about the downfall of mortals with promises of power and wealth. He shrouds himself in chaos to better hide his goals from those who would seek to undo them. He cares for none save those who exhibit the ideals he embodies. Thus anyone who embraces chaos, betrayal or who give themselves fully to him can expect his favor. Even then he has been known to do away with champions for unknown or insignificant slights. Rhysol is not a foolish god by any means. He realizes fully that without good there can be no evil and in the absence of purity, corruption will turn upon itself. Thus he maintains the idea that by enslaving purity and light he can maintain corruption inevitably.


With every lie, every betrayal and every chaotic act, one is paying homage to Rhysol. Countless cults and organizations give worship and service to the Defiler however only one is recognized directly as his own. The Black Sun is a religious, militant order with their hands in every aspect of society. Led by, The Voice, the Black Sun seeks to further spread Rhysol's influence across the land. The maintain a powerful militant arm as well as a zealous religious following. Their influence spreads into various merchant houses and their touch is felt be all even if it is not realized.



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