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The Black Sun

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-------------------"Black Sun Rising"-------------------

The Black Sun is an organization solely devoted to spreading the will of Rhsyol across Mizahar. Led by, The Voice, the Black Sun seeks to place their god above all others as undisputed ruler of Mizahar. To this end, the Black Sun has ingrained itself into numerous aspects of society thus forming various branches of influence. They can be found influencing, corrupting and inevitably controlling or destroying institutions of religion, politics, economics and military. They are much more than a mere collection of brutal thugs as they embody their God's aspects of lies, betrayal and chaos all twisted even more by a truly evil core. Having evolved over the past 500 years, they have gone from a small, secretive cult to a thriving organization that, among many other pursuits, seeks out remains of dead gods. Known as a fragment, these remains bare slivered sentience and power that once belonged to deceased deities.



Before the Valterrian, the Black Sun consisted of little more than a handful of fractured cults scattered across the land. Sylir, God of Peace and Civilization, was at the head of an era dominated by justice, Black Sun and of course peace. Along with a divine collective of like-minded deities, Sylir kept Rhysol in check and prevented the dark god from gaining any foothold in civilization as a whole. During this time, the Black Sun struggled to maintain what influence it had. Meeting in secret and selecting only the most faithful to join, the Black Sun was all but forgotten by most. That was until The Voice at that time infiltrated the court of Emperor Galifer Odalah. She infected the Emperor with whispers of betrayal on the part of his wife, Kova, lover to the God, Ivak. With the seeds sewn, The Voice and ultimately, Rhysol, kicked-off the series of events leading to the Valterrian.

When the divine conflict brought a number of Gods into the chaos, Rhysol took the opportunity to strike down Sylir and bring an end to the era of peace. At that moment, the Black Sun changed forever. When the dust settled and the Valterrian finally came to an end with the imprisonment of Ivak, the Black Sun came out of hiding and entered a changed world; a world of chaos and uncertainty. For the Black Sun, the Valterrian brought on a golden age.

For the next five hundred years, the Black Sun of the Black Sun took on a new role. No longer in hiding, they made their presence known to all. They spread more seeds of dissent while offering a haven for the lost. They took on the mantle of being the only ones capable of navigating this world of chaos that had come into being. They spread the message that when the Gods brought down their wrath upon the mortal realm, that Rhysol was the savior. Fractured, broken and without hope, people from all races felt no choice but to listen to the God of Lies. For the Black Sun, the lies became truth in the centuries following the fall of Ivak and more people allowed the God into their lives. Rhysol experienced a growth in power that caught the attention of the other gods who before had turned a blind eye to him as they were too busy with their own selfish concerns.

Now, with the Gods finally turning their attention toward Rhysol and the threat he now poses, the Black Sun is strong enough to stand on its own. Their military arm is small but formidable and their political/economical ties are vast. They are known to have agents operating in other religious orders, secretively betraying the Gods they claim to serve and spreading dissent among the faithful worshipers of their enemies.

The Organization

The Black Sun is organized, well equipped, and populated by people who understand the will of Rhysol and enjoy bending and twisting others either to bring them into the fold, or destroy them outright for their defiance. Despite serving chaos, they maintain some semblance of order which in itself is a hypocrisy and the mere thought is enough to leave outsiders confused.

  • Headquarters: Temple of the Black Sun in the city of Ravok.
  • Members: 1,500 (includes all aspects of influence)
  • Hierarchy: Religious
  • Leader: The Voice of Rhysol
  • Symbol: Black Sun


As a deity of chaos and evil, Rhysol does not maintain a strict organizational structure within the Black Sun. That said, to function, they still maintains some order albeit loose. The Black Sun is composted of individuals who all bare at least one gnosis mark placed upon them by Rhysol. The ultimate authority over the Black Sun is The Voice who maintains four of Rhysol's gnosis marks. The Voice is a champion of Rhysol, high priest and head of all aspects of the Black Sun's operation. Below The Voice are the Druvin, twisted individuals "blessed" with a sliver of essence from Rhysol, himself. They possess three of Rhysol's gnosis marks. The Druvin are then tended to by a handful of Acolytes who command Agents with Acolytes baring two gnosis marks and Agents having only one. With rank, power and influence within the Black Sun determined by how much favor one has in Rhysol's eyes, competition is encouraged with each division seeking to move up and advance. The strongest and most worthy are capable of maintaining their positions while the weak and undeserving are replaced. The one position that is not usually challenged however is that of The Voice. As it is Rhysol who chooses who will serve in that capacity and for how long, any who defy The Voice risk bringing the wrath of the God down upon them. Thus the Druvin may clash amongst themselves for greater favor, they dare not challenge The Voice.

The Temple of the Black Sun is the Black Sun's primary headquarters and center of worship. There, The Voice preaches Rhysol's words to the faithful and it is at the Temple where the darkest of rites are practiced in the name of the dark god. The temple is located in the floating city of Ravok. The temple and the city that has grown up around it both provide protection and prosperity to people wishing to escape the chaos of the post-Valterrian world. It is believed by those living in Ravok that the best way to avoid chaos is to live in its heart. So far, this twisted belief has rung true as citizens of Ravok enjoy a life devoid of war; a life where they need not live as animals struggling to survive.

Aside from the temple, there are a large number of smaller shrines and churches scattered across Mizahar, with churches controlled by a Druvin tended to by Acolytes and Agents and shrines controlled by Acolytes and their accompanying Agents. Some of these "branches" operate in secret, spreading lies and ruin throughout nearby settlements. Others are more established and open, working to build faith and trust through promises of power and influence.

The Black Sun maintains a very small but effective military force. They are not a militant organization, relying more on lies, betrayal and spreading chaos throughout enemy ranks in order to gain an advantage. The Ebonstryfe is the militant arm of the Black Sun and is made up of a mere 500 individuals. The Ebonstryfe is led by a Druvin specifically chosen and marked based on their military skill and their sheer brutality. The Ebonstryfe is based in Ravok and serves as their primary defense force. Made up entirely of Acolytes skilled in various martial forms of combat, the Ebonstryfe also serves the role of internal security with Acolyte's often infiltrating various shrines and churches on the look out for dissent. An organization that serves embodies the aspects of chaos, betrayal and evil is ripe for such things to turn upon themselves. Thus the Ebonstryfe works to protect the will of Rhysol even if it means obliterating an entire church or shrine who thinks it can defy the Defiler.

Motivation and Goals

The Black Sun's goals are not all that clear-cut. They seek to bend others to the will of Rhysol while ruining those who won't however that is but that has been the underlying goal for centuries. Most recently, the Black Sun has begun to seek out fragments of gods who have fallen over the ages. These captured fragments are studied and used for all manner of foul experiments before ultimately being handed over to Rhysol when they are of no other use. By collection fragments of lost gods, Rhysol seeks to increase his power ever more and maintain his influence over the world. With the other Gods and their servants beginning to turn their attention to Rhysol's actions, the more power he can garner the less of a threat the other deities will be.

The Black Sun, while working to fulfill their constant, primary goal, engage in countless other acts of betrayal, corruption and chaos. Acolyte's can be found in many villages and small towns along with a handful of Agents. Their goals are specific to the locale and can be anything from corrupting local politicians and merchants to bringing about the downfall of rival priests or those who choose to openly reject and defy Rhysol. Sometimes, they work simply to cause ruin and drive chaos into the lives of others.

Often, a handful of Acolytes and their Agents working throughout a number of nearby settlements will answer to a single Druvin. Druvin are most often found operating in larger cities and engaging in missions that require more than a simple Acolyte can provide in order to succeed. Druvin are both feared and respected by their lesser peers as their very nature makes them at times unpredictable.

A lesser goal that carries great potential and one that the Black Sun is always looking to gain progress in is the possibility of releasing Ivak from his prison. The outcome of achieving such a goal is unpredictable at best however it is believed that the Fire God's anger at being treated like a spoiled child and sent to the proverbial "time-out", would bring about another golden-age for Rhysol and the Black Sun. Thus far however, such a task is yet out of reach.


Although the Black Sun wishes to convert as many as they can to the following of Rhysol, they only pick a select few to serve as a full member of the Black Sun. While anyone can worship and serve Rhysol, only the worthy are marked by the god and taken as one of his own. Current members of the Black Sun are always on the look out for possible recruits who display certain talents and skills. If these prospects do not appear as though they would be willingly to volunteer their services to Rhysol, the Black Sun will work to prepare the individual before approaching them regarding service. This often takes the form of destroying the person's life through lies and betrayal so that they would be more likely to accept the gifts of the Defiler in order to regain the lives they lost. Politicians and merchants are often sought after for their inherent influence and wealth as well as their greater tendency toward being corrupted by such things to begin with. Con-Artists and thieves are also popular choices for recruits as are fallen military commanders. A rare treat is when the Black Sun can corrupt the priests and servants of other gods and bring them into the fold.

Those wishing to voluntarily serve the Black Sun must somehow locate a shrine or church or even go to the Temple itself and make their desire known. The would-be recruit is often given a task by the presiding Acolyte or Druvin to prove their ability and loyalty. These tasks are almost always ones that would force the individual to bring about ruin to another. Unbeknown to the recruit, an Agent is assigned to watch over them and make sure that the task is completed in a satisfactory manner. Those who complete the task without remorse or difficulty may be accepted into the the step of recruitment but those who do show some amount of hesitation are prized even more as it is a greater sign of betrayal and shows that serving the Defiler is more important to the individual than their own desires.

If the recruit's actions are acceptable, the Agent reports back to their superior and the recruit is then allowed to begin training in the ways of the Black Sun. They undergo religious training where they learn of the history and nature of Rhysol and the Black Sun. They are taught, or if already adept, allowed to hone skills such as politics or even disguise and seduction to name a few. Those who are found to be more adept in militant endeavors may be allowed preliminary training toward becoming a member of the Ebonstryfe.


The Black Sun maintains few allies as only a few choose to trust them enough to be considered an ally. The city of Ravok engages in some amount of trade and commerce with other cities in the region save for Syliras. Any potential alliances would be little more than the Black Sun using others for some foul purpose or to inevitably bring about the others downfall. They do maintain a somewhat neutral position with followers of the Goddess, Akajia although they are by no means, friends. Individual members of the Black Sun may forge their own political, economical, military and even religious alliances with others but such agreements are not necessarily honored by the Black Sun as a whole.


The Syliran Knights are the greatest enemy of the Black Sun for it was Rhysol who slew the God, Sylir during the Valterrian thus bringing about an era of chaos and strife. While neither side has the might to overcome the other, they are constantly at odds and the Black Sun seeks every opportunity to gain an advantage over the Knights and ultimately capture or destroy the Windoak, the greatest remaining fragment of the dead god, Sylir. Of course, the Black Sun is not popular among most outside of Ravok, a few scattered villages and the occasional small town. The Goddess, Priskil and her followers are also considered active enemies of the Black Sun.

Requirements for Members

Member of the Black Sun maintain a variety of skills and abilities and they can come from any race, from any location, from any social class. Their are a few requirements however for those who would serve the Black Sun as a faithful of Rhysol. Each rank from Agent to Druvin requires a number of prerequisites in order to be considered for that particular position.

Agent - Aside from having to complete a task set forth by an Acolyte or Druvin, an Agent must possess the following skills before being named an Agent and granted their first Gnosis Mark. This is done during a prayer session whereby the individual communes with Rhysol and receives His mark for faithful service. The Agent is often assigned an apprentice or two from the Ebonstryfe for protection and service due to the lack of combat ability that most Agents possess.

Lore - Religious (Rhysol) and History (The Black Sun) Any two of the following - Disguise, Cryptography, Impersonation, Interrogation, Larceny, Poison, Politics, or Seduction - 30 pts each

Acolyte - An Acolyte is named by a Druvin though often discovered by an Acolyte and then made official by Rhysol, Himself. In order to be made an Acolyte, an Agent must first prove that their faith and conviction in and to the will of Rhysol is strong. This is most often done through various deeds all in service to Rhysol and the Order. One does not ask to become an Acolyte, their actions will prove whether or not they are worthy in the eyes of their superiors. Agents who go above and beyond in service to the Order through inventive and substantial acts of betrayal, corruption, chaos and of course evil may garner the attention of an Acolyte or Druvin. If their service has been satisfying, the Agent may undergo the next phase of growth within the Black Sun. As a solidifying symbol of faith in Rhysol, the Acolyte-to-be must, by their own hand, tear out one of their own eyes and offer it as part of a rite of passage to the Defiler. This is done during a special session of prayer. If the God is pleased overall by the Agent's service and their offering, he will grant them their second gnosis mark which physically takes the form of a new eye. In its natural form, the eye is solid white without an iris or pupil much like the eyes of Rhysol himself. Acolytes are often assigned to a Unit of Ebonstryfe soldiers (1 commander, 5 soldiers, 2-4 apprentices). While the soldiers report to their commander, the commander defers to the Acolyte. The would-be Acolyte must possess the following levels of skills.

Any one of the skills required as an Agent - 60 pts

Druvin - Druvin are truly special individuals due mainly to the nature of the 3rd gnosis mark they attain. They are most often discovered by other Druvin and named by The Voice followed by a special rite attended by Rhysol in the flesh. An Acolyte who proves especially keen in the service of the Black Sun through his various actions, leadership and overall faith may attract the attention of their presiding Druvin. Upon gaining that attention, the Acolyte may be presented to The Voice as a potential candidate for becoming a Druvin. In order to gain this attention however, an Acolyte must stand out among others as embodying all aspects of Rhysol and his will. During their service to the Black Sun, they must have committed great acts of betrayal, inspired unspeakable displays of chaos or dissent and give themselves over fully to the evil that is Rhysol. A couple of the most favored of Druvin have been personally responsible for corrupting Knights of Sylira and turning those fallen individuals into Agents of the Black Sun. Once the attention of their superiors has been gained, the would-be Druvin travels to the Temple of the Black Sun and offers themselves fully to the Defiler. Their deeds by this time have been made clear to The Voice and if found satisfactory, The Voice may accept the Acolyte as a new Druvin.

Through a sacred rite performed by The Voice, the candidate must sacrifice their very soul to Rhysol by slitting their own throat with the very dagger used by Rhysol to backstab Sylir in his physical form upon the mortal realm. As their blood spills upon the floor of the temple's grand altar, Rhysol appears and allows a single drop of his own blood to fall upon the dying form of the Acolyte. As soon as the blood of Rhysol makes contact with the cooling flesh of the near deceased, a transformation occurs. The Acolyte's body dies and their soul becomes tainted by the dark blood. They experience their greatest act of betrayal, their unholiest act of evil from the perspective of their victim. If their mind is capable of handling such an experience, their body in kind becomes able to withstand the chaotic effects of the Defiler's blood. The eyes of the new Druvin become completely white. Their body gains a renewed strength that quadruples anything they had before and at the point where Rhysol's blood made contact with their flesh, their gnosis mark forms and appears as a black splotch that looks very much like a black sun. Some Druvin bare this mark openly and without fear of persecution while others keep it secret as to better perform their desired deeds. When the sacred rite is complete, the Druvin is no longer considered mortal, instead they become something more. They are seen as the blood of Rhysol and thus are given great respect as well as fear. Non-Ebonstryfe Druvin are usually assigned a Force of Ebonstryfe (1 Marshall, 10 Paladins, 500 soldiers and variable number of apprentices). The soldiers answer to the Paladins and Marshal while all defer to the Druvin. A would-be Druvin must possess the following:

Any one of the skills required of an agent - 90 pts

The Voice - The Voice is the undisputed leader of the Black Sun. Traditionally The Voice has always been female however Rhysol, while being a God, has been known to occasionally take the form of a female thus a male Voice is not unheard of. The Voice is not only the leader of the Black Sun, but also the Defiler's Consort. It was The Voice who whispered into Galifer's ear, secrets of betrayal performed by his wife thus bringing about the Valterrian. It was The Voice who was responsible for building the Black Sun into the thriving force that it is today. There have only been a half dozen Voices throughout known history; both pre and post-Valterrian as natural aging is completely removed by the Defiler. The Voice is chosen by Rhysol and Rhysol alone. His decision is final and none may dispute it. Threats against The Voice by other followers are met with wrathful retribution by not only The Voice but Rhysol, himself. The Voice is not mortal by any means in addition to their fourth gnosis mark, The Voice is special above all other Champions of Rhysol in that they are the only one to garner the position of Consort. With this comes the status of Alvina, a pseudo-divine entity with power and influence beyond anything most mortals can hope to achieve. How The Voice is chosen falls to the whim of Rhysol although it is clear that only an individual who truly embodies everything Rhysol finds appealing may gain such affection from the Defiler, the Black Sun, the Slayer of Peace.

Needless to say, that in addition to whatever else Rhysol demands out of consort, The Voice will most certainly possess at least one Master level skill, mostly likely more.


In addition to the respect/fear earned from their position, Chaon serving as members of The Black Sun gain a daily stipend from which they can live off of. Those who actively serve in an established shrine or at the Temple, are provided with a set of robes; black with a white circle surrounding a black sun. These Chaon are also able to draw upon Temple resources when necessary to complete any mission they may be assigned to. Such drawing of resources are limited by the influence (rank) one holds within The Black Sun and are per season. This is in addition to any existing income the Chaon may possess however they must be actively pursuing a mission on behalf of their local shrine or the Temple in order to receive these benefits. Note, this is base pay, and may be modified by the Chaon's skill level as with a normal job.

Agent - 4 gm per day stipend, robes, 240 gm resource draw per season

Acoylte - 7 gm per day stipend, 480 gm resource draw per season

Druvin - 12 gm per day stipend, 1,000 gm resource draw per season

The Voice - Unlimited stipend, Unlimited resource draw