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Queen Kova Nivar Symkanta
Date of birth18 BV
Place of birthTreval, Alahea (destroyed)
Date of death0 AV (aged 18)
Place of deathSuva
TitleQueen of all Alahea


Queen of Alahea, Kova Nivar Symkanta was considered the main reason the Valterrian happened and the cause of the cataclysm that destroyed Mizahar and remade it into the land it is today. She was noted for being the lover of Ivak, a powerful God who held sway over the domain of volcanism. Their love was a powerful force, but one Kova kept secret in order to create peace for the Kingdom of Alahea and the people she loved so deeply.

A well in Sylira (Kova's Wishing Well) bears her name and is said to be the reason for folks often seeing her in Sylira when she died so violently in Suva.


Queen Kova was considered a bright and willing leader of Alahea. Renowned for her beauty and intelligence, she fought hard in the last war between Suvan and Alahea, even after losing her parents and the rest of her family in the war. Alone, she brokered peace with Suvan by arranging for a marriage between her and Galifer Odalah.

Galifer Odalah, Suvan's Emperor and the last great warlord of Mizahar, accepted the proposal. On their wedding day in Suva, Queen Kova's Alahean forces were dispersed throughout the capital. There was much celebration. However upon Queen Kova's wedding night, her new husband discovered he wasn't her first lover and flew into an unprecedented rage, where he nearly killed her with his violence. His sentence for her crime was swift and brutal. He chained her naked to the city gates and painted her crime in blood across her unclad chest. Galifer Odalah left her as a symbol of why Suvan would always dominate Alahea. Queen Kova was much beloved by her people, and violence almost immediately erupted between the foreign forces within the city.

One factor the Emperor didn't take into account was the identity of Kova's lover. In those days, the Gods roamed the lands freely and warred almost as much as the people. Kova's crime was loving the God Ivak, a being of enormous power whose dominion manifested in several forms - especially those of volcanism and fire. When she was led shamefully through the city and chained to its gates for the Suvan citizens to stone, her fate was sealed. Ivak realized what was happening far too late, and despite her being a mortal, his rage knew no bounds. Though Queen Kova never cried out once, protested her charges, or begged for her life, Ivak reacted swiftly. His actions set off a series of events that resulted in the total destruction of the city of Suva, and ultimately the Suvan and Alahean nations as well. Gods reacted to Gods and before anyone could gain control, Suva and Alahea's war spilled over into the heavens, resulting in the complete and utter reshaping of the continent of Mizahar, also known as the Valterrian.