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Syliran Knights

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"We will rebuild." - Syliran Oath

The Syliran Knights are an order of honor-bound men and women that joined together after the Valterrian to rebuild what they considered to be civilization within the wilderness. Founders of the city of Syliras, the Syliran Knights strive to keep the slain God Sylir and his ideals alive. Although the Order itself only has about 5,000 members, Syliran Knight activism is seen throughout the whole of Sylira and remote outposts in other regions.

The Knights do not venture outside of Sylira except under extenuating circumstances, and the vast majority will stay in or around Syliras for their careers. This is other than the regular patrol of the Kabrin Road, to collect taxes and restock Traveler's Shelters



In times of emergency and great strife, there are parts of mankind that excel and parts that fall. It is easy, some feel, for the whole of humanity to turn to grievous acts of brutality and violence to survive when the environment becomes unbearable. Some think such things are completely justifiable. It is far harder for humanity as a whole to remain steadfast in their beliefs, even when the source of that belief perishes - lost beyond all hope. One devoted man can make a difference, though sometimes such struggles turn into a lifetime battle rather than a quick decisive move. History has shown that time and time again while most fall, some indeed do rise and manage to shine forth in the annals of time. Lawrence Dyres and his brother Leon Dyres were two such men. They rose to the challenge of rebuilding and founded an order of dedicated men and women determined to rise from the ashes of the Valterrian and build something stronger and more stable than before.

The Valterrian was a terrible time in the history of the world. When Galifer Odalah, Emperor of Suva, marched his new bride Alahea’s Queen Kova to the very gates of Suva with those damming words ‘whore’ painted in blood across her chest, it changed the course of history and set up the perfect test for mankind's survival. She was publicly executed for not being pure on her wedding night. No one stopped to ask who or why, and when her head fell to the flagstone gates, the name of her lover still on her lips, fire erupted throughout the world. Kova’s lover was the God of Fire, Ivak himself. And the world knew his fury, for his love for the young Queen knew no boundaries.

There was no way mortals could stop what escalated immediately into a divine war, one that would leave the world utterly reshaped. For Ivak’s realm was that of Volcanism and Emotional Upheaval as well, and with Kova’s sudden sacrifice, it was said he lost his mind. Civilization and peace, though he be a gentle soul, died in the immediate days that followed being one of the first to stand up and try to prevent Ivak’s wrath. Sylir was destroyed by Ivak as completely as if he had never existed at all. Sylir’s death was surprising, and consequently dragged the rest of the Divine into the battle, for it was no longer a matter of calming Ivak’s grief and rage, but rather preserving the world. The Valterrian, as those events came later to be called, lasted a short time. Some say it was simply a day, others say it lasted only a week. Still other chronicles said it took a full year. Regardless, it left the world reshaped and in some ways empty of that which had been familiar before. There was no civilization, no peace, no room for scholarly pursuits. Life became a simple matter of life and death. Find food. Find shelter. Stay away from others that were stronger, faster, more aggressive that simply wanted what you wanted: food and shelter.

It was against that backdrop that the Syliran Knighthood was born. It didn’t come about spontaneously. Rather, the entire Syliran Knighthood exists today because of a fateful meeting between two brothers and a lone Konti woman named Nila. She told the two Dyres brothers, Lawrence and Leon, that she dreamed of a city by the Suvan Sea that grew to power because of their dedication and the guidance of a fragment monster born of Sylir's death, called the Windoak, that also guided them. She foresaw that the two of them had founded a knightly order, and with that order went on to establish a city. The three of them teamed up, began recruiting, and before long the Syliran Knighthood was born. Leon eventually married Nila, effectively ending his bloodline, while Lawrence and his offspring went on to become the ruling knight-nobility of Syliras, the city they eventually founded at the direction of Nila's visions. Syliras has continued to be a gathering point for people tired of the lack of order in a world gone chaotic, where justice dominates and the laws are fair.

The brothers gathered to themselves strong-hearted men and women, willful yet willing to swear an oath to uphold order. And though the God of Civilization and Peace was forever gone from the world, Lawrence and Leon named their newly formed organization after the slain deity Sylir. Thus, the Syliran Knights were born. They began small, carving out a piece of coastline on the western shores of the Suvan Sea and building a fortress on the very coastline itself, and put out the word that the fertile valley they settled in would open its proverbial doors to any peaceful settlers who wanted to come to the new Syliras.

The Windoak

Though it's likeness can be found all over Syliras, few people actually understand what the Windoak is. The vast majority of citizens simply think that the tree is a symbol of growth and renewal, an appropriate choice for the Syliran Knights.

Mothers tell their children fairy tales of a god who loved humanity so deeply that he let himself be slain in order to protect him. When he died, his blood seeped through the Ukalas and splashed upon the rocks of the sea. From that blood, a tree sprouted and lifted itself towards Syna's warming light, twisting and reaching until the bloodstain was transmuted into a great silvery oak, heavy with age though it had been born only moments before. It was there that the Dyres brothers built their city, to honor the sacrifice of Sylir.

A very pretty story, to be sure. Only the knights and a few of their closer allies within the city know that the Windoak is more than just a fairy tale, that it is actually a sentient creature that guides the actions of the knights and dispenses advice to those who seek it. The decision was made a century earlier that they would limit access to the Windoak in order to ensure its safety from any agent of Rhysol, and as such there is an entire company of knights dedicated to guarding the Windoak Courtyard, and only squires, knights, and those they deem safe or worthy are allowed to enter and speak to the it.

The Knights themselves don't generally discuss the Windoak with anyone outside of the sect. They will share the truth with their spouses, and usually their children in an attempt to encourage them to join, but your average citizen simply doesn't know the inner workings of the Dyres' personal fragment monster.

The Organization

The Syliran Knights are run with a proficiency seldom seen throughout Mizahar. They live to tame the uncivilized world around them and bring a semblance of the peace and civilization to the Sylira Region and elsewhere. They fund themselves through fair taxation of those who live in their controlled lands, and are resourceful enough that they take tithes of food and trade goods in lieu of coin for the enforcement work they do.

  • Headquarters: Stormhold Citadel, (Syliras)
  • Members: A little over 7,000
  • Hierarchy: Rank By Abilities
  • Leader: The Grandmaster - Loren Dyres
  • Symbol: The Windoak


The Syliran Knights also have a unique sign language taught to every member once they complete their quest for Knighthood. This language, called Ekeldi, is loosely based on the same sign used by the Drykas, but has evolved over the last 250 years into its own distinct language. It is used more frequently by those assigned to Wing squads outside the walls, and by those who hold a Sergeant rank or higher.

Allies and Enemies

The Syliran Knights have several known allies and enemies. They consider the rest of the world neutral parties and treat them with respect, except Rhysol and his forces of Evil, the Black Sun and Ebonstryfe. They welcome the Konti into their midst freely, both in the capacity of Seers and as the Opal Order Healers. They have had dealings with the Akalak and the Cerulean and have offered them assistance or taken their assistance in the past, though that organization is typically a wildcard in any Mizaharian Society.

Ethics And Attitudes

Unlike other groups, the Syliran Knights - because of the Konti presence among the leadership - show no favoritism in their ranks. Due to their high ethics, rich or wealthy families have no ability to climb through the ranks faster than another more poorly connected individual. There is a noted lack of arrogance, corruption, and brutality among the Knighthood. In fact, individuals that display such unfavorable traits rarely rise in the ranks at all. Knights tend to show strong productive traits - generosity, patience, integrity, tolerance, and high levels of honor. If they fail to have these traits, the Gods that aid the Knighthood will turn disapprovingly towards the individuals. Also, the Wind Oak, a fragment monster of the God of Peace - Sylir - always gives a knight their quest for knighthood. If a knight is lacking in integrity and personal honor, they will not be given their quest and not be allowed full membership into the Knighthood.

Hierarchy of the Syliran Knighthood

The Syliran Knights are lead by Loren Dyres, Grandmaster and Lord of Syliras. Second in charge is Petri Alvikal, Lord Knight in charge of the whole of the Syliran forces. Grandmaster Loren and Lord Petri reside in Syliras within Stormhold Castle dividing their duties and working in close knit circumstances with each other. While the Grandmaster spends most of his time running the city of Syliras, the Lord Knight coordinates the Warden Knights to disperse the army throughout Syliras and surrounding regions where they are needed. Some consider the Grandmaster to be more the political head while the Lord Knight is the military strength, but the truth is that the two are thickly intertwined. Grandmaster Loren's attention to the less martial aspects of ruling Syliras does not diminish his skill with his blades or his ability to understand military tactics and consequences - he did, after all, rise through the ranks just as Lord Petri did.

Title Unit Type Unit Size Pay/Day
Grandmaster The Entire Syliran Forces The City of Syliras 100gm
Lord Knight Army (2 Quadrons) 5,000 knights 70gm
Warden Knight Quadron (5 Regiments) 2,500 knights 45gm
Captain Knight Regiment (10 Companies) 500 knights 35gm
Stewart Knight Company (10 Wings) 50 knights 20gm
Sergeant Knight Wing 5 knights 9gm
Knight Assorted Squires Varies 7gm
Squire Assorted Pages Varies 4gm
Page None 0 None

Pages become squires at age thirteen. Adults squire for a shorter period of time then get promoted to a full ranked knight. Those knights are assigned to Wings lead by a Sergeant Knight which belongs to a Company lead by a Stewart Knight. Companies belong to Regiments, which are lead by Captain Knights which belong to Quadrons. Two Warden Knights lead these Quadrons, known as the Gold and Silver Knights. Above them are the Lord Knight and the Grandmaster, who work more as a general and his liege than anything else.

Crests, Rank, and Armor of the Syliran Knights

The crest of the Windoak is well known by anyone who's encountered the Knights, though only the Knights have ever laid eyes on the Windoak itself.

The crest of the Syliran Knights is to be found fluttering on banners from the parapets of Stormhold and the ramparts that surround it, imprinted on the back of each Miza created and scattered throughout the world, and etched onto the armor and shields that protect the Knights themselves.

Members of the First Wing families will often display their own crest in addition to the Windoak, though it is downplayed in respect of the importance of their quest. You can usually find it etched into the vambrace or stitched into the lining of a cloak, made to catch the eye of another Knight and usually unnoticed by your average citizen.

A Knight's rank is displayed by the use of silver pins in the shape of a sword, shield, or tree, worn on the right collar of one's tunic. Pins are distinguished as follows:

Rank Pin
Grandmaster Tree
Lord Knight Shield
Warden Knight Five Swords
Captain Knight Four Swords
Stewart Knight Three Swords
Sergeant Knight Two Swords
Knight One Sword
Squire None
Page None

Plate armor is the most common worn by the Knights of Syliras.

Each Knight is trained to fight in plate armor both on foot and while mounted. Though squires find it difficult at first, history has taught the Knights that it's easier to teach a child to fight in plate mail first and then move them to lighter armor afterwards - easier to adjust to less weight than more.

Plate mail consists of a helmet, single gardbrace, pauldrons, vambraces, gauntlets, breastplate, cuisses, poleynes, and greaves and solarets. Full chain mail is worn underneath.

The light armor of the Knights consists of a combination of plate, mail, and leather.

When a Knight advances in rank or joins a specialized company, they may be trained to fight in the light armor developed specially for some of the more mobile units. The combination of different types of armor allows for maximum protection with a minimum of weight and the greatest range of movement. Units which specialize in stealth, sabotage, guerrilla tactics, and infiltration will all train in the use of this armor.

Light armor consists of a leather helmet, plate poleynes, greaves and solarets; and leather vambrace and gardbrace. Full chain mail is worn underneath, and a tabard or tunic atop.

Admission Into The Knighthood

There are two different pathways into the knighthood. Children raised by knights almost always become knights, regardless of whether they are males or females. At the same time, adults who display an interest in the knighthood have a pathway open to them as well. Regardless of age, everyone MUST spend a period of time as a squire to train in the Tenants of Sylir and speak with The Windoak.

Hereditary Knights

Most Syliran Knights are hereditary knights, meaning they serve because their parents served or their family was somehow involved in the knighthood. These individuals are born into long lines of Knights and start out as pages as young as ten years of age depending upon their race. While primarily human, Syliran knights can be from any race. Boys and girls who make the decision (along with their family) to join the knighthood early on are 'fostered' out to a high ranking knight's household (called a Sponsor) to serve as a page. Pages run errands, do chores, take lessons, and are treated somewhat like the Sponsor knights own children. Frequently the sons and daughters of high ranking knights do not grow into adulthood in their own family estates. Rather, they are fostered out at a young age to gain new experiences, sometimes trading households on a seasonal bases to learn all they can by rotating tutors and regions.

Squires learn the proper care and use of weapons, armor, and horses while in their squirehood. They are taught horsemanship, mounted combat, and the proper wearing of plate mail favored by the knighthood. In addition, they study languages, strategy, chivalry, honor, and mentally prepare to live the tenants Sylir taught. Once a squire proves him/herself worthy, he is sent before the Windoak to receive his knightly quest. Once he has been given his quest, he or she then departs on the quest and does not return until their quest is fulfilled. Quests vary greatly depending upon the candidate and the needs of the Knighthood. They often involve finding relics, recovering documents, aiding a village or distant land that has a problem; one never knows what the windoak will foresee and request of the knight.

Once the quest has been completed, the squire returns to the Windoak to report to the creature, and is then put through his knighting ceremony where he receives his coveted knightly spurs etched with the Windoak's silhouette.

Families Within the Knighthood

As previously stated, the children of Knights will almost always become Knights themselves, regardless of sex or ambition - any talent can be put to use by the Knights. This has been true since the founding of Syliras. The first Wing of Knights to serve beneath the Dyres brothers have become, through sheer force of breeding, the dominating population within the Knighthood. This does not mean they enjoy any special privileges; sons and daughters of these families must earn their rank just as surely as anyone else. However, there is often a stronger sense of responsibility among those of the "First Wing" as they're called, for they often take extra pains not to disappoint their families or somehow besmirch the family name. Because of this, they are often found among the higher ranks of the Knighthood. The only true advantage of the First Wing families is that their suites are located within the oldest parts of Stormhold Citadel, and as such are more likely to sport the high-ceiling, spacious sort of rooms that have long since been abandoned in favor of fitting as many rooms as possible within the confines of the Wall.

The families are: Nigriso, Brock, Braklin, Stalinsa, Druva, and Trema. The daughters of these families will often keep their names and pass them on to their children in order to preserve their reputation and pass that responsibility on to the next generation.

Prerequisites for joining the Syliran Knights

Any race (Except Ghost since they can't have gnosis marks and as such, unable to be marked by Sylir) is eligible to play a Syliran Knight. Of course, those bearing the gnosis of 'Dark' Gods, and enemy to the forces of Good such as Chaon, Blight, Returning, Cordas, Krivas, Vexation; cannot join the Knighthood, no matter what. In fact, such individuals would be killed on sight if ever found out frolicking in the Fortress City of Peace. Additionally, those bearing the Rak'keli Healing mark will not be admitted to the knighthood. It is paramount for a knight to both follow the chain of command and to be able to make morally grey decisions where killing the enemy might be a factor. It also prevents the slow degradation of the Healer's psyche if forced to take a life. Those who would like to assist the knighthood's cause can volunteer their time as healers but they can never be a part of the actual knighthood.

Before being knighted, a candidate must go through a squire training that prepares them for life as a Syliran Knight. They become very familiar with long swords, shields, and two handed swords, as well as horseback riding, mounted combat, and strategy. They are also required to learn some form of ranged weapon, though some Knights truly prefer to face their enemies face-to-face honorably, and consider weapons like crossbows less than honorable to their knightly creed. Those who hold these beliefs usually learn to wield a spear or lance instead of a more long-range weapon.

Players are able to start out as an unranked knight as long as they take a few points in the required skills below. Until they have the max required in each skill, however, they cannot advance in rank past a simple full knight. Players are encouraged to flashback quests of the past, do all sorts of social threads, and have adventures doing things that knights in and around Syliras would be expected to do. Keep in mind, however, that you will not be able to roleplay your modded Knighting Quest until you achieve the prerequisite skills.

Thus, to qualify as a Syliran Knight, the candidate must have the following or be actively working towards it:

  • Offensive Weapon (Sword/Mace/Shortspear/etc) - 30 pts This skill more accurately includes an one-handed weapon used with a shield, but most Knights prefer some type of sword
  • Defensive Weapon (Shield/Buckler/Tower Shield/etc) - 30 pts
  • Ranged Weapon/Alternate Offensive Weapon (Shortbow/Crossbow/Spear/Lance/etc) - 30 pts This skill can include Spear, Bow, Lance, or any weapon that can be used on horseback.
  • Riding (Horse) - 30 pts
  • Two or more Lores of the Candidates Choice: History (Syliran Knights, Syliras), Religion (Tyveth, Sylir, Yahal, Eyris), Valterrian.

There are sometimes exceptions made to these prerequisites, but these are only done in very rare cases and usually done for adults who bring a special and unique skill set to the Knights. For instance, someone who is highly Competent or Expert at Wilderness Survival, Tracking, and Shortbow would be brought in as a Squire and may be given a quest from the Windoak very soon after joining and then moved to a specialty company such as the ones which patrol the Bronze Woods.

The only common case of exceptions to the above prerequisites are the Mage-Knights. These are magicians who join the order, and these powers allow them more flexibility in what is expected of the Knights. As such, any magician wishing to join the Knighthood must have the following or be actively working towards it:

  • Fighting Skill - 30 pts Most warrior-mages study either Daggers, Unarmed Combat, or some type of short sword.
  • Offensive Magic - 30 pts Examples: Reimancy, Flux, Projection, Voiding
  • Supportive Magic - 30 pts Examples: Auristics, Shielding, Spiritism, Glyphing
  • Riding (Horse) - 30 pts
  • Two or more Lores of the Candidates Choice: History (Syliran Knights, Syliras), Religion (Tyveth, Sylir, Yahal, Eyris), Valterrian.

If they prefer, the Mage-Knights are given the option of riding either a Nightwalker or Sungold instead of the Tiaden Warhorse. Both breeds are specially trained by the Windmount Stables. However, the additional cost for these mounts must be paid for by the Mage-Knight. Important Note: Leeching and Summoning are forbidden branch of magics in Syliras, Mage-Knights practicing them will not be tolerated.

The Knighting Ceremony

The Knighting of a Syliran Knight is a big deal. On the eve of his or her ceremony, the Squire must spend the a night and day with the Windoak in prayer and meditation, reflecting on what they want to accomplish as a knight and what they need to improve within themselves. This vigil takes place in a soft plain silk shirt and breeches, barefoot and weaponless. Once a night and day of fasting and prayer has occurred under the sheltering boughs of the Windoak, the knight is taken into Stormhold Castle and brought before his peers. His training is then accounted for, his quest described and evidence of success accounted for, and the Grandmaster or one of the Lord or Warden Knights in attendance will knight him.

The Knighting ceremony is quite simple. The squire kneels and repeats the vows the Knight in charge of Knighting him recites. The Grandmaster (or attending Lord Knight) then presents Lawrence Dyres' blade and uses it for the ceremony. As his right shoulder is touched by the blade, he repeats the words "May Tyveth guide me in a pathway of Honor and Justice." As his forehead is touched, he repeats after the Grandmaster "May Yahal help me keep my heart pure and my faith strong." As his head is touched he repeats "May Eyris keep my mind filled with knowledge and the wisdom that knowledge can bring." Finally he is allowed to rise, and the knights present gift him with a full set of plate armor, a weapon of his own, and normally a new horse.


The Syliran Knights follow the tenants of Sylir, but since Sylir was slain in the Valterrian, they do not worship him . They honor the Windoak, a fragment of what Sylir once was, and listen to its advice. However, in terms of religion, most Syliran Knights honor a very select group of Gods and Goddesses in their quest for being the best men and women they can be. First and foremost they honor The Goddess Eyris (Wisdom, Knowledge), The God Tyveth (Honor, Justice, Valor, Chivalry), and The God Yahal (Faithfulness and Purity). Oddly enough, they do not usually revere Myri, the Goddess of War and Victory, though they will leave her an offering at the dawning of battle.

After the rise of Glav Navik, Sylir's son, taking his father's place as the God of Peace and Civilization during the Djed Storm in Spring 512 A.V, the Syliran Knights now worship the risen Sylir with the three gods mentioned above.

Knightly Quests

Knights seek quests for an odd assortment of reasons. Their first quest is always a quest for knighthood. But after that, Knights seek quests because they feel driven to help, wish to purge their souls of a weakness, or want to specifically help out with a situation and seek a way to do so. And while some quests simply present themselves unaided, the Windoak is primarily the source of all knightly quests. Knights or knight candidates approach the Windoak and meditate beneath its boughs. During this inner reflection, a quest will be shown to them. In this, the Windoak helped form the Knighthood, for one can truthfully say the very first quest given to the very first set of Syliran Knights was to found the order itself and build the Stormhold fortress and later the city of Syliras.

Playing a Knight or Squire Character

Any race (Except Ghost since they can't have gnosis marks and as such, unable to be marked by Sylir) is eligible to play a Syliran Knight. Of course, those bearing the gnosis of 'Dark' Gods, and enemy to the forces of Good such as Chaon, Blight, Returning, Cordas, Krivas, Vexation; cannot join the Knighthood, no matter what. In fact, such individuals would be killed on sight if ever found out frolicking in the Fortress City of Peace


Equipment used by a squire is on a rent-to-own basis. Squires pay 100gm a season, which covers their use of weapons, armor, and the usage of a Tiaden warhorse, as needed. Once the squire completes their knighting quest and becomes a full knight, they are expected to pay off the rest of the balanced as quickly as possible. The new knight is also given their own Tiaden. PCs who start as a full knight are expected to pay off their equipment in the same way and do not receive a horse until their knighting quest flashback is completed.

Starting as a Full Knight

While you can start a new character as a knight without the prerequisites, it is your responsibility to actively work towards achieving those skills at the required levels. As a soft guideline, you should be earning at least 10 points in "knightly" skills each season. If you are not making an effort to advance your skills as a Knight, you will not be awarded any wages for that season. If you're also earning a lot of non-Knightly XP from, say, having your character hang out at a bar in almost every thread, you will run the risk of being assigned to some gods-forsaken corner of nowhere and left to do nothing but train your skills. There are a lot of advantages to being a Knight - but you do have to earn them.

Syliran Knights have special privileges and duties in Syliras. They work the City Watch Duty while in Syliras (making rounds either on the day shift or night shift five of every ten days), as well as fulfilling any special duties assigned to them by their superiors. And to be perfectly honest, they are almost always on duty protecting the city even when they are not assigned as such, and are known to step into a situation even in their plain clothing either at home or out on the town.

Scenes for Knights and Squires

When playing a Knight or Squire, you are welcome to self-moderate any quests or adventures that are not given to your character by the Windoak. The Windoak is to be treated with the same rules as the gods - it is only playable by a DS or higher level. As such, your Knighting Quest must be moderated by a DS or higher.

Addressing a Knight

Male knights carry the title of Ser, while female knights carry the title of Sera (pronounced SUR-ah). Squires and pages do not carry any title.