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Stormhold Castle

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Stormhold Castle.

Stormhold Castle is the main structure in Syliras that the city itself was built around. Stormhold is the location of the Windoak, and home of Loren Dyres - The Grandmaster of the Syliran Knights. Stormhold, in terms of Mizahar's standards, is by far one of the largest defensible castles built post-Valterrian. It can house upwards of 2,000 Syliran Knights as well as host almost a thousand people between its residents and their servants. Stormhold contains two very large wings divided by Syliran Knights in residence and non-Syliran Knights. The two wings consist of several living areas, a massive kitchen, a Knights Hall, an Arms Hall, a well-room, a castle dungeon, multiple chapels, guard's walkways around the parameter, and multiple towers, stables, training ground, and a picturesque inner garden. Because of Stormhold's presence on the coast of the Suvan Sea, Syliras was able to be built and thrived surrounding the castle's economy.