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The Stalinsa Family

The Stalinsa Family is a subfaction of the First Wing Families within the Syliran Knights. They were founded by Terior Stalinsa, the second member of the First Wing of the Dyre Brothers.



A bronze key is the icon of the Stalinsa family. It was taken by the family’s progenitor, Terior Stalinsa, who was the first to hold the title of Keeper of the Key, Stewart of the Dyres brothers' personal guard. As Keeper, Terior was the only non-Dyres to possess a master key to Syliras.


Terior Stalinsa was the second man to be accepted by the Dyres into the Knighthood. A good-hearted mercenary by trade, he was one of the most accomplished swordsman of his time, better even that his superiors. His skill with a longsword, coupled with a talent for sniffing out assassins and ambushes, earned him the position as Keeper of the Key, the Stewart whose Company is responsible for guarding the Grandmaster of Syliras.


Many of Terior’s descendants have continued his tradition and become excellent swordsmen. Stalinsa’s are well known as excellent guards, filling the ranks of the companies that protect the Main Gates, the Wall, and the Sabrin Road, as well as those who serve the Keeper.

Current High-Ranking Members

Current ranking Stalinsa’s are Captain Knight Lance Stalinsa, and Stewart Knights Patten Stalinsa, Karlon Stalinsa, Akela Stalinsa, Elmrood Stalinsa, and Attor Stalinsa.