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The Trema Family

The Trema Family is a subfaction of the First Wing Families within the Syliran Knights. They were founded by Joffrey Trema, the sixth and final member of the First Wing of the Dyre Brothers.



The Trema family took a tower as their family crest to signify their heavy involvement with the initial and continued construction of Syliras.


The Trema family was founded by Joffrey Trema, a powerfully built mason and architect. Joffrey and his sons were approached by the Dyres to help in the construction of Syliras. On their way to the construction site the Tremas were attacked by bandits, and Joffrey’s youngest boy was gravely wounded. Joffrey had two of his elder sons ride on in haste to seek aid from the Knights. The Dyres personally accompanied the brothers back to the sight of the battle, along with their best Konti healer. The son, Davian, was saved, and made a full recovery. Humbled by the selflessness of the Dyres brothers, Joffrey Trema vowed to join the Order, and the majority of his sons followed suit. Though he joined the Dyre brothers long before any of the other First Wing members, he was the last to achieve the title of Knight as he was the least martial of any of the recruits. Even so, his dedication and determination inspired those around him, and two of his sons took their vows soon after.


The Trema family has continued serving in the Knighthood. While many have strayed away from the castle-building of their ancestors, a large portion remain true to their roots, and the Trema’s are the foremost among those that expand the city and keep it maintained. As such, they are the least likely of the First Wing families to rise through the ranks, though their numbers are comparable to the other families. They simply value the maintenance of the city itself more than the honor or privilege that comes from promotions, and don't mind taking orders and doing whatever grunt work is necessary.

Current High-Ranking Members

Notable current members of the family are Stewart Knights Quilin Trema, Surint Trema and Jasvo Trema.