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The Voice

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The Voice

The Voice of Rhysol
TitleThe Voice
DomainMental Disorders; Megalomania
Divine rank4
SymbolsWhite Eye in the center of a Black Sun
CultsThe Black Sun

The Voice is the name given to a mortal being chosen by Rhysol as his consort and emissary to his followers. The Voice heads The Black Sun, the religious order dedicated to the God of Evil. Traditionally, The Voice has been female. As Rhysol prefers the form of a man, his consort is usually female. It is not unheard of however for the God to use a female form and take a male consort as The Voice. The Voice, among being named leader of The Black Sun, is also granted pseudo-divinity in the form of an Alvina or demi-goddess. While Rhysol does appear to his followers in the flesh, he prefers to leave the majority of the actual leadership of The Black Sun to The Voice.



The Voice is granted influence over the domain of mental disorders, primarily megalomania. As consort and figurehead, The Voice gains some small amount of divine power of their own from worshipers who pay them homage as the highest priest of Rhysol and greatest of his champions. Although unable to grant gnosis marks to followers, The Voice is capable of granting boons which usually take the form of small tokens or amulets but could take on other forms as well. These tokens, when used, may release small magical effects, the type of which depends upon the blessing placed by The Voice.

In addition to the position and influence that comes with it, The Voice maintains near immortality and superior physical abilities due to fourth gnosis mark of Rhysol placed upon them. This mark is granted through the pure infusion of Rhysol's divine essence. The Voice is forever transformed from Druvin to Alvina.


The Voice is dedicated, mind, body and soul to Rhysol. They are the God's lover, partner and of course, voice to the majority of those who worship him. Decisive, brutal and brilliant, The Voice is concerned not only with their service to Rhysol but to the enslavement of all who dare defy Rhysol's rule over the world. Though their dedication to the God of Evil is absolute, The Voice enjoys the worship that they themselves gain as the god's figurehead. This worship ultimately belongs to Rhysol and only the most foolish of Voices would dare consider it as being any other way.


With every lie, every betrayal and every chaotic act, one is paying homage to Rhysol. Countless cults and organizations give worship and service to the Defiler; however, only one is recognized directly as his own. The Black Sun is a religious, militant order with their hands in every aspect of society. Led by the Voice, the Black Sun seeks to further spread Rhysol's influence across the land. They maintain a powerful militant arm as well as a zealous religious following. Their influence spreads into various merchant houses and their touch is felt be all even if it is not realized.

The Voice Throughout The Ages

For as long as anyone can remember and even longer, there has been a Voice. Due to the lesser divine status of The Voice, they maintain a lifespan far beyond any mortal being. Because of this, there have been only six known Voices ever to have served Rhysol. Each maintained their own unique gifts from Rhysol as well as granted their own unique boons upon those who followed them.

Kyu - The first Voice known to exist, Kyu was said to be a woman of unmatched beauty who murdered seven of her eight husbands and caused the death of the eighth through a clever web of lies and betrayal. She eventually founded a pre-Valterrian cult that paid homage to Rhysol. Her brutality and wit caught the God's attention such that he granted her a sliver of his divinity and took her as his wife. She led his cult and expanded his worship to a level never before seen at that time before ultimately being pierced through the heart by a powerful champion of the now dead god, Ruros. In life, Kyu granted boons through a kiss which awakened a powerful yet temporary gift within those who received it.

Rydune - The second Voice and perhaps the only Pre-Valterrian male to take the role. Rhysol is said to have appeared to Rydune in the guise of the first Voice, Kyu. Taking on Kyu's visage, Rhysol convinced Rydune that he was the only one the God trusted to take up the mantle of The Voice. Rydune had been a faithful servant of Rhysol during Kyu's reign and was a skilled warrior as well as leader. Having secretly loved Kyu and believing the female Rhysol to be Kyu reborn, Rydune fell for Rhysol's cover and together they had a short but significant reign as Rhysol walked the land in the flesh for longer than ever before. Though Rhysol's followers did not grow in numbers, they grew in skill and effectiveness. Rydune eventually caught on to Rhysol's ruse and could not bear the truth. Unable to die by his own hands, he awakened Rhysol's anger and the god struck him dead. The spot where he Rydune was killed by Rhysol is believed to be a holy site of great power yet its location remains hidden. Rhydune was said to grant boons through a light cut across one's chest which stained the person's flesh with a unique bloodmark that faded over time as the boon was used.

Sasha Veleer - The first Voice in over two centuries following the death of Rydune, Sasha was a house servant to a powerful and cruel lord. Used by the lord as his plaything, Sasha returned his "affections" by slowly poisoning him over the course of a couple of years. During that time, the lord suffered horrifically as his insides were slowly eaten away and his once grand appearance was left scarred and disfigured before finally dying. As a reward for her deeds, Rhysol embraced her as his own. He removed her physical and emotional wounds and granted her some of his divinity. Though her emotional wounds were gone, Sasha was by no means stable. Her fits of rage were legendary and she was known to gruesomely disembowel those who displeased her. She reminded Rhysol's followers of who they were and who they served after they had almost consumed themselves during the past two centuries without a Voice to lead them. Sasha was the only one of the pre-Valterrian Voices to not have died. She was imprisoned in a large shard of enchanted obsidian and cast into a volcano by a champion of Ivak. It is believed that she remains there, trapped forever and watched over by fiery guardians serving Ivak's will. She was perhaps the most powerful Voices ever to serve Rhysol. Sasha would grant boons through strands of her own hair woven into rings that were permanent although comparatively minor in power. It is rumored that some of these rings may still remain.

Natallia Sul - Continuing Rhysol's desire for mortal women, Natallia was a priestess of Sylir before becoming The Voice. She was a pure and kind soul before Rhysol began whispering lies into her dreams. These lies grew into paranoid and delusional beliefs about her fellow priests and priestess. The peaceful Natallia was unable to withstand Rhysol's cohesion and she killed a fellow priest before running off into the night and into the arms of Evil. Becoming The Voice, Natallia was the one who created what would one day become the Ebonstryfe. Her paranoia caused her to gather some of the most faithful Rhysol worshipers and use them to weed out those who she did not trust and remove them. Ironically, it was one of these very people who turned on Natallia and killed her with one of Rhysol's own artifacts. If it had not been his consort who was killed, Rhysol may have rewarded the killer. Thus was not the case and it is said that Rhysol still keeps the man alive after many ages, tormenting him to death, restoring his life and repeating it for all time. The artifact used to kill Natallia was the blessed dagger once wielded by Sasha Veleer. This dagger is believed to still exist somewhere in Mizahar. Natallia granted boons through her tears which she collected in a tiny vial which was then worn around one's neck.

Leesa - The first Druvin, Leesa was a priestess of Rhysol for many years. She served him well into the later years of life. As a reward for a lifetime of faithful service in the name of Chaos and Betrayal, she was granted divine status by Rhysol. Her youth and beauty were restored as Rhysol bathed her in his own blood. This ritual would soon after be copied and simplified in order to create Druvin. It was Leesa who able to convince Rhysol that, although chaos, lies and betrayal were all rivaled by little in significance, giving it some semblance of structure and order and implements by which to distribute such things would allow his followers to spread his will in greater ways and with great effects. Thus the foundation of what would soon become The Black Sun was created. Leesa led Rhysol's followers with a firm, decisive hand and none challenged her rule. She brought about a quieter, more subversive way of spreading Rhysol's wishes to the non-believers which allowed the faithful to survive the Valterrian which came during Leesa's reign as The Voice. She was consumed along with countless others in the devastation wrought by Ivak. For Rhysol, it was a small price to pay for his role in bringing about the divine war. Leesa granted boons through the severed fingers of those who displeased her. The fingers were worn as tokens of her satisfaction.

Myleena Vos - The oldest Voice ever to exist, Myleena served in the role from the onset of the Valterrian until the Great Djed Storm of 512 centuries later. Over 500 years old, she was a being of great power and greater evil. Who she was before becoming The Voice was unknown to all save for Rhysol himself. She was responsible for taking the remains of Rhysol's largest pre-Valterrian cult and turning it into The Black Sun. Blessed by Rhysol with the knowledge and skills of all previous Voices, Myleena truly was an Alvina in every sense of the word. Pale-skinned with deep black hair and white eyes, Myleena was surrounded by an ever present aura of power. A priestess, warrior, politician and highly proficient in the manipulation of Djed, Myleena was cold, unpredictable, subtle and wise. Her favorite way of disposing of those who displeased her was by personally piercing their belly with a special bladed ring worn on her middle finger. She then sliced upward to their throat while looking into their eyes the entire time. Myleena considered herself the 'mother' of the Druvin while Rhysol remains their father. In the 500 years that she was The Voice, none opposed. Myleena granted boons only to those she felt were truly loyal to her. These boons took the form of tokens containing divine blessings that were usually temporary yet sometimes permanent. For some time leading up to Ivak's release, an event that caused the Great Djed Storm, Myleena had learned through varied means of the attempt by a couple of humans to free the God of Fire from his divine prison. Myleena was aware of the potential consequences of such an act and moved to take advantage of it. Waiting for the right moment when Rhysol and most of the other gods were distracted, Myleena found a way into the outer confines of Ivak's prison. She was unable to get further on her own and ensured that the humans would carry out that part of the plan for her. At the moment the humans freed Ivak, the explosion of divine power that erupted forth was more than enough for Myleena to siphon some of it. Thus she ascended and took the mantle of Ssena, Goddess of Fear.