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Image:Scroll2.png "I am the monster under your bed. I am chill that creeps down your spine. I am the hair that stands on the back of your neck. I am footsteps outside your door. I am the eyes in the dark. I am your fear."
- Ssena, Goddess of Fear

Goddess of Fear
Divine rank3
SymbolsVaried stylized symbols; all causing unease
Worshipped inThroughout Mizahar

Ssena is the Goddess of Fear. Although she has claimed existence since before the Valterrian, Ssena was one of the few gods that was once human. She was once known by the name, Myleena Vos and served the god, Rhysol as his High Priestess, The Voice. From a human she became the first Druvin, an immortal spawn of Rhysol. From there she was elevated to the status of Alvina also by Rhysol. She then helped spawn a number of other Druvin and created the Ebonstryfe. During the release of Ivak from his centuries old prison, Myleena had somehow found a way into the prison and was present during the God of Fire's release. The energies that poured forth allowed Myleena to ascend to full divine status. She was forever transformed into the Goddess of Fear.



Ssena's appearance changes depending on who she appears to. To her followers, she looks likes a darkly beautiful woman with long black hair, coal black eyes and pale flesh. From her back extends a pair of skeletal bat-wings. She usually appears to her followers or those whom she does not wish to scare to death, in elegant black robes. The robes randomly move as if something were crawling beneath them. Occasionally, a spider may be seen crawling across her hand or neck; a snake tail slithering up her sleeve. The eerie sounds of wolves howling signal her presence while animals often panic when she is near. Even her followers feel a little nervous or creeped out around her as there is always something disturbing about her.

To those whom she wishes to scare, Ssena becomes the epitome of a specific person's greatest fear. If someone is scared of spiders, Ssena appears as a giant, menacing, horrid-looking spider. If someone is scared of water or drowning, when they try to look upon Ssena, they can't help but choke as if they were drowning, their eyes blurred and unable to see any detail of the Goddesses features.

Ssena is fear personified and thus she herself fears nothing. It is said that even Rhysol fears Ssena as she knows him better than anyone.


Ssena's followers work to spread terror and fear throughout Mizahar; from that fear, the Goddess' divine power and influence grows. While she may mark anyone who pleases her (as well as displeases), there is one race that epitomizes Ssena's ideals; the Zith. The Zith as a whole, revel spreading fear to their prey. Their visage and their brutality helped shape the form Ssena took upon her ascension from Alvina to Goddess.

Mark Opposition

Aside from her ascension to full divinity and her utter control over fear, Ssena hasn't changed much from being the megalomaniac she before all that. She is consumed with control and dominance over others yet now employs the full spectrum of fear in such pursuits. That said, she is less restrictive over her marks than some other deities. Fear is fear regardless of how it is used and who uses it. She does however harbor a strong distaste for Izurdin and the Isur due to all that took place during her ascension. As such, she will not mark anyone possessing more than a single mark from Izurdin and will almost never mark an isur. She also is hesitant to mark those already marked by Krysus since she sees the other goddess as an immature brat with no finesse or tact. Those gods who are considered to be of the Light or Good deities such as Sylir, Caiyha, Kihala, Priskil and Yahal for example, are ones who Ssena will never mark as their realms of influence are too far contrasted against her own.