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Goddess of Flora and Fauna
TitleGoddess of Flora and Fauna, the First Witch
DomainFlora, Fauna, The Forest, Wilderness
Divine rank2
CultsThe Witches of the World
Worshipped inTaloba, Charbosi, throughout Mizahar

Caiyha is the Goddess of Flora and Fauna. Many a traveler has walked right past her without ever being aware of her presence. Some say that the gods Navre, Siku, Oriana, Eywaat, and even Bala are actually her children, and that she gifted them with their specific spheres as specialties of her own. She is incredibly easy to approach, but she abhors senseless slaughter and waste. It's been said that when she seeks retribution, she does not waste her time with negative Gnosis marks, but instead turned those malefactors into fresh food for any of her feral companions. But whether there is any truth to it or not... you decide...



Caiyha is, in essence, the goddess of nature. She has sometimes been mistaken for the Goddess of Life, but defers to Kihala in that regard. Some call her the First Witch, and her Gnosis marks are known to gift the bearer with Phylonura. Anything to do with plants and animals, flora and fauna, falls into her domain. The overgrown jungle of Falyndar is said to be one of her favorite places, but she loves the rough-strewn rock in the north, and the hardy vegetation that grows there, or the coral under the sea... Caiyha's touch can be found everywhere.

Her power comes from commanding (although she certainly wouldn't use that term) nature, from the various plants to animals of all sizes - from the tiny stinging ants to the sea dragons of the Charodae, or the enormous Tskannas of the Myrians.


Caiyha is serene and seemingly solitary, except for the plants and animals, and the occasional visitor, supplicant, or student. She is approachable and polite, but abhors senseless waste and destruction. She is fond of predator and prey, but is aware of the cycle she created with Kihala and Dira. The weaker animals die for the stronger, and the improvement of the species as a whole. She respects that. Like nature, she can be swift and merciless, but such an attitude is rarely invoked, except by those who waste.




Caiyha's Appearances
heightSpreading Your WingsAppears to Avi.
heightKing of the HillAppears to Shahar Dawnwhisper.