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Serpent Queen
TitleGoddess of Snakes, Serpent Queen
DomainSnakes, Serpents
Divine rank4
SymbolsCoiled Snake
CultsThe Dhani
Worshipped inThroughout Mizahar

Siku is one of the children of Caiyha, and the goddess who gave birth (with the help of her mother), so to speak, to the Dhani. While their numbers may have declined, these shapeshifters are much like their goddess - swift, brutal, and merciless. She is often accompanied by any number of snakes, and will often take that shape to avoid detection whilst she observes. While all three Dhani subraces are different, Siku embodies them all and more - she is as poisonous as the Vipers, as strong as the Constrictors, and as deceiving as the Rattlers. This is a goddess who plays the game to win, and is malevolent as they come. When people say she's poisonous, they're not only talking about her venom. Siku can appear in any of three forms - humanoid, half-human, half-snake, and snake.


Siku is the goddess of snakes and serpents, and she uses them to her full advantage. Many people fail to realize just how powerful and useful these creatures are, but Siku... she knows, and she uses them.


Siku is a violent sadist who enjoys stretching a person until they rip apart, rent from limb to limb... and calls it a bit of light exercise. She understands the concept of showing restraint in pursuit of a better reward, but how much she uses it is another thing all together. She is extremely protective of her 'children', (both serpentine and Dhani,) cunning, and quite vindictive. She derives a certain amount of pleasure from the suffering of others.