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Image:Scroll2.png "I thrive in your cities, your pathetic collections of huddled humble masses. I feed on their weaknesses, and grow strong among their suffering."
- Vusna'tausk - High Priest of The Tainted, Champion of Vayt

Vayt, Shadowmaker and Corrupter of Life
TitleThe Bringer of Suffering.
DomainPoisons, Plague, Disease, Pestilence, Drought
Divine rank3
SymbolsA Dissolving Drop Of Liquid
CultsThe Shroud
Worshipped inThroughout Mizahar Covertly

Death exists in the world, and that is hard enough on civilization. But sometimes there are things far worse which leaves those who experience them longing for death as a release and as a relief. People give these terrifyingly worse things names like plague, blight, poison, disease, drought and pestilence. Their very names cause primal fear to rise up within one's heart. This is especially true for those that have experienced them firsthand. Mizahar is a world poised on the edge of survival. People are crowded together and often find themselves in conditions which make prime breeding grounds for disease. Disease then opens the door for far worse things like plague that brings devastation.

This type of devastation has a name: Vayt.

Friend of few, related to no one, Vayt was said to come into existence when the misery of the world grew to the point that it achieved sentience. Because there is no peace, no rest, no ultimate healing, Vayt exists unchecked in many regions and in dark shadows and unholy depths. His mortal enemy is Rak'keli, and his ally is Rhysol. But make no mistake, he is beholden to no one and dependent upon none. When Sylir died, it was said that the whole of Mizahar rang with Vayt's delighted laughter. It was a sickly, ominous sound smelling faintly of expensive aftershave and rare, rich cigars.


Breathtakingly handsome - like all The Shroud are - Vayt moves with aristocratic grace and speaks with a highly educated voice. He is often not very far from an outbreak of illness or an incident of crop failure due to blight or disease. Where he cannot be found, he sends his Champion. And while his domain can be terrifying, he himself is rather pleasant and personable to deal with. That does not, however, mean he is reasonable. Vayt seeks to prolong the Valterrian and the great plagues that broke out as a result, seeing them as a cleansing of society.

While most people feel Vayt's presence is a menace on Mizahar that spreads suffering and heartbreak, Vayt will politely disagree. He would argue, without pause, that his presence strengthens humanity and the populations of animals, plants and people on Mizahar. Disease sweeps through populations, no matter what sort it is, and eliminates all the weak and infirm, leaving only the strongest to survive and breed to perpetuate strength within the world. Vayt has often been seen in Izurdin's company and rumors among the religiously educated place the two deities as companions of a sort. Reality places both deities more at odds in a friendly sort of way. Vayt's actions promote strength in the world due to eliminating the weak and thinning out populations that perhaps grow too fast too quickly where resources won't support growth.

While coming across as charming and gracious, Vayt feels challenged by almost anything and everything, especially by the strong. If he sees a strong structure, civilization, or even family unit, most often he'll send one of his infamous little 'gifts' their way to challenge that strength.


  • Blight - Augmenting existing illness and disease - tainting the healthy and strong


Vayt's Appearances
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