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Board of Regents

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The ultimate ruling force of the University of Zeltiva is the seven member Board of Regents, selected from the most experienced and respected Professors and Department Heads. In turn this makes them one of Zeltiva’s most potent political forces, as they share the majority of power in Zeltiva with the Sailor’s Guild and the Lord of Council. The odd number was selected to avoid conflict when important matters were called to a majority vote. What goes on within the University is solely their business; even the Lord of Council is forced to bow to their wishes on matters regarding the University.

The current regents on the Board, as well as their respective Colleges are as follows.

Agatha Simone-College of Applied Skills

Uriel Fethrek- College of Applied Skills

Edward Geloron- College of Applied Skills

Tethlas Herod- College of Navigation

Elana Stormborn- College of Navigation

Lisaelis the Sage- College of Scholars

Belerius- College of Djed