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University of Zeltiva

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The University of Zeltiva is the oldest, and possibly the most well-regarded, institution of higher learning in Mizahar. Nearly every commonly-taught subject, as well as many obscure ones, are taught within its walls.


The University of Zeltiva actually was in existence prior to the Valterrian. It had a similarly high reputation, but taught many of the arts and skills that have now been lost.

The cataclysm destroyed most of the University, along with the rest of the town. A few of its buildings, however, were in what is now the Old Quarter, a portion of the city that managed to avoid annihilation.

At first, survival was the main goal of all of Zeltiva's remaining inhabitants. However, in 20 AV, what was left of the University began offering classes again. Initially, the classes were only in basic trades, or skills that could be put to immediate use. As time went on, more and more subjects were added, until the present curriculum was reached.

As it expanded, the University began purchasing more buildings; by the time it was finished, the University owned and occupied fully half of the Old Quarter. One of the first buildings the University obtained, in 25 AV, was the former City Library and Museum of Art. It was rumored that the CLMA's collections had not been completely destroyed in the Valterrian. The University has always denied this; however, that portion of its archives that reside in the former CLMA building are closed, not only to the public, but to students and faculty as well.

The University Today

The University enrolls students from around Mizahar. Most of the skills that are still known are taught by the finest scholars. The most noticeable exception is religion and other matters pertaining to the gods.

The University is divided into four branches: the College of Applied Skills, which teaches practical matters; the College of Scholars, which teaches more esoteric subjects; the College of Navigation, which teaches courses related to sailing and shipbuilding: and the College of Djed, which teaches theoretical and minor practical applications of magic. The University offers individual courses, as well of sequences of courses that lead to a Certificate of Completion. Those who complete the latter are recognized as experts in their chosen field.

The Wright Memorial Library is very nearly the only facility of its kind in Mizahar. Certainly, it is the most easily accessible and most complete repository of knowledge that is open to the public.

The Board of Regents is a seven-member group that governs the University. While it technically has no other powers, it is one of the two groups that govern Zeltiva de facto, along with the Administrative Committee of the Sailors' Guild.

Professors and Staff

Department Heads