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Date of birth475 AV (aged 48)
Place of birthWind Reach
TitleBraten the Brute
Throwing Axe81
Dual Wield70
Body Building47

Legendarily short-tempered, it doesn't take much to set Braten off, whether it be banter or an insult. His rage is directed largely towards those who slight him or his reputation as a fearless pirate, though once in his furious haze his weapon does not distinguish between friend or foe. Despite this however, he has great respect for power and cunning, which is why he respects his crew enough to not command them brutally. All who are with him are either brainy or brawny, drawn by the crew's growing success as unchecked non-svefra pirates. They currently raid in the North Suvan Sea, trying to avoid too much contact with the Svefra just yet.


Born in the volcanic clutches of Wind Reach, Braten has carried his furious fire all the way to the Suvan Sea. Nobody knows for what reason, but everyone knows that he is indeed in the north Suvan. Though he is not the most quiet or subtle or tactical pirate by far, his sheer strength and brutality has earned him the respect of his crew and the fear of everyone else. Those who try to hunt him either don't find him or find their demise instead. He is surprisingly elusive for a raging berserker, though people attribute that to the brains in his crew rather than in his head. The Svefra have sought long and hard for where he returns to after a raid, but his location seems to change every day. People are beginning to wonder whether he ties up at all, though the children of the sea are still looking.

Ship & Crew

The Skywind - the boat of blasphemers
Made by commission for Braten himself, the Skywind was made to be a compromise between crew and cargo capacity and the speed necessary to be successful as a pirate. He wanted a large hardy crew that could overpower most ships, but he also wanted a boat that could sail fast enough to escape if the situation got hairy. The Skywind was his answer. Though it goes without saying that the designs weren't his, he was lucky enough to come across an incredibly skilled shipwright in Alvadas which is also where he found most of his initial crew.

Speaking of whom, his relationship with his crew is quite an interesting dynamic among the clever non-svefra pirate captains. Most need to be crafty and calculating enough to plot escapes from the Svefra people that hunt them down, but Braten does not worry too much about escape and more about how to handle them when they arrive. He tends to recruit vagabonds who are similar to him and that he likes, large and strong. As a result, he and his crew share a common mindset and furthermore a sense of camaraderie instead of the cold respect given to most cunning captains. Braten looks after his crew, and his crew follow him wherever he points. It is important to note that since the Inarta picks people like himself, most of his crew are large powerful warriors that are prone to fits of adrenaline-powered rage.