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Charge of the Starcleaver Bounty Service
Date of birth474 AV (aged 49)
Place of birthSunberth
TitleStarcleave Mercenary
Weapon (Mace)40
Weapon (Dagger)35
Wilderness Survival35

Charge is the only known name of the leader of the Starcleave Mercenaries. They run the Starcleaver Bounty Service in the Evantide Outpost just north of Syliras.


Charge was born the third oldest of eight brothers. As had been true of his family for generations, every single one was, in one way or another, a warrior.

The man comes from a long line of fighters. Be it fighters in Sunberth blood-sports, Syliran Knights with hearts of gold and will of steel, or just bandits with a knack for brutal violence, both his ancestors and siblings have been everywhere and done everything. Charge himself followed his father's footsteps, becoming a man known for his brutality and inability to surrender or give up. If he had an army of ten thousand men, he would fight a force three hundred times its size until either side had fallen completely.

Charge's father, a man whose name has never been mentioned, led a bandit outfight in the wildlands of Sylira, mostly between that awkward triangle of Sunberth, Ravok, and Syliras. Be it mugging merchants or extorting businesses, they made money, did well, and recruited often.

After Charge became a man, he joined his father's side for decades until the elder passed away from illness, leaving a now-shaky group of marauders in his hands. It was only by his considerable rage and prowess in combat that he gained respect and the right to lead. Several lives were the price of such an achievement.

Starcleave Mercenaries

Charge didn't take long to change the course of these bandits. After a large number of men vanished in a single night, fragmenting from the group because of how it was altering, Charge officially changed his group of bandits into a well-trained mercenary power.

Various events would mark the strengthening of this band of warriors, such as Mother Malice's adoption and her prodigal return, and even more so the appearance of the Drykas Outcast, Edrick Starcleaver, who was so impressive that his own Pavilion name was adopted by the Mercenaries as a whole.

Being the head of the three primary leaders of the Starcleave Mercenaries, Charge managed to strike a shady bargain with the Syliran Knights, and the only known results of this is the permission to set up their business in the nearly-abandoned Outpost of Evantide.


Charge's Appearences