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This is the complete city summary list. Every city within Mizahar will be listed here with a brief description summarizing what it is. Links are provided. Please go to the individual city page for a more complete listing of what that city is like, its demographics, and what it can offer its residents and travelers. Please note that under Mizahar's current policy, cities are CLOSED only when they do not have a dedicated Storyteller watching over them. That means a city can open at any time. If a Storyteller retires and no one takes their place, the city will close at the next season change. Please review Migration for how PCs can easily move from city to city due to these occurrences.

TLDR: The shortlist of Open Domains is Lhavit, Syka and Sunberth. You can also play in The Suvan Sea and The Outpost, though you cannot be FROM The Outpost.



The main human population is concentrated in this region, divided into a series of fortified independent cities of which Syliras is the capital. Temperate to tropical, this area is controlled by the Syliran Knights and is considered one of the most civilized sections of Mizahar.

Syliras Capital city of Sylira, Syliras is the cultural melting pot of humanity where folks are slowly rebuilding civilization in a setting forged by the honor of the Syliran Knights. Place of the massive Ironworks and the Miza Mint, as well as the maintainers of the Kabrin Road, the only major road in Mizahar, Syliras is an important part of the Mizaharian World. Human Common None Closed
Sahova An island colonized to serve as a magical research facility populated by undead, Sahova has stood the test of time and continues developing weapons for a long dead nation. Nuit Various, Common None Closed
Zeltiva A port city surrounded on three sides by mountains, Zeltiva is the home of the finest shipbuilders and sailors in Mizahar. It also boasts an exceptional university, and is a center of trade in both goods and ideas. Human Common None Closed
Nyka A religious city known as the Celestial Seat, Nyka is ruled by a council of four Alvina who call themselves the Celestials. Finding strength in numbers, these gods and their warrior monks try to run the city according to their individual talents. Human Common None Closed
Ravok Built on an enormous lake, Ravok is the home of a floating city populated with humans who believe their home to be superior to the rest of Mizahar. They love and honor their god in all they do but are very untrusting of outsiders. Human Common None Closed
Sunberth A former mining town almost entirely destroyed in the Valterrian, Sunberth is populated by the descendants of the mine workers. They hold a tremendous grudge against the way their ancestors were treated and have come to believe that the post-cataclysm chaos is actually better than the "order" that preceded it. As such, they have a great antipathy toward anything resembling "civilization" in the law-and-order kind of way. Human Common None Open for Play
Lisnar Once a quarter of the Alahean Capital, Lisnar is now a frontier outpost, and popular haunt of Syliran treasure hunters. Human Common None Closed - In Development


Vast tracts of wilderness fill this northern region. Taldera is famous for its enormous wildlife and its lack of settlements. Karjin, Novallis, and Avanthal dominate this region, of which Avanthal is the capital city and by far the largest.

Avanthal Frozen city of the north, famous for their Polar Guards and Goddess Queen, Avanthal is the home of some of the toughest cold weather people anywhere. Primarily a human settlement, Avanthal creates a unique survivalist atmosphere in a wintery wonderland that is normally locked in ice 365 days a year. Vantha Vani, Common Bluster Closed
The Spires This giant tree city is home of the gentle Jamoura. Formed of nature, The Spires has no formal architecture or structure, but instead rises well into the lofty trees made of the trees themselves. Jamoura Jamouran Grunts, Common None Closed
Novallas In Development. Humans Common None Closed - In Development
Karjin In Development Human Common None Closed - In Development


This foreboding mountain region is home to some of the most skilled metalworkers anywhere. The Isur are a relic race from the pre-Valterrian times who make their fortress homes in the heartland of Kalea. Humans and other races are also found in Kalea.

Sultros The mountain kingdom of the Isur, the heart of Sultros is a massive citadel built atop Mt. Izurith in the Kitrean Mountains of Kalea with a vast underground cavern containing the city below. Connected by a series of massive tunnels are four smaller citadels with accompanying caverns for the various Isurian clans. Isur Isur, Common Gillar Closed
Wind Reach A remote western outpost in some of the tallest mountains of Kalea, here humanity has formed a unique bond with enormous, oversized eagles they live in harmony with. Often never touching the ground, these bow-wielding humans reside in Mt. Skyinarta, an ancient dead volcano they've carved out for their enormous companions. Inarta Nari, Common Gossamer Open for Play
Denval Denval is a settlement in northern Kalea that existed in pure isolation for centuries following the Valterrian. It was destroyed during the Djed Storm of 512 AV and is now a No Man's Land. Humans Denvali, Common None Closed (Destroyed)
Lhavit Crystaline city of the clouds located on Kalea's extreme west coast. Home of the Alvina of the Stars and rife with magic, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light. Human Common None Closed
Alvadas Alvadas is better known as the city of Illusions. Alvadas has long been regarded the God of Illusion and Trickery’s home. Human Common None Closed
Kalinor A surreal cavern city inhabited by Symenestra where stones glow and streets are reams of silk. Iridescent black and white structures hang between stalactites and cascade over limestone flows in organic and eerie arabesques. Without a Symenestra willing to carry you, entrance is impossible. Symenestra Symenos, Common None Closed


Tropical jungle fills this region, making its people elusive and resilient to all sorts of hot weather and inhospitable creatures. As beautiful as it is deadly, Falyndar is the home of the Myrian people, where Taloba is its capital.

Taloba Located in the center of Falyndar, Taloba is the home of the War-Goddess Myri and her savage, blood-thirsty Myrians. Filled with exotic wonders, it is all but closed to outsiders... enter at your own risk. Myrian Common, Myrian None Closed
Zinrah Located in northern Falyndar, Zinrah is a seemingly-abandoned cluster of ruins, but is merely the forefront of a bustling underground settlement inhabited by Dhani. Its abandoned appearance encourages placidity, and woe to those who stumble into a nest of man-eaters. Dhani Snake-Tongue, Common None Closed
Charbosi The underwater city of the Charoda, located off of the coast of southern Falyndar. Uninhabitable by outsiders that cannot breathe underwater, the Charoda have a trading post on the barest edges of the land, often alone, lest the Myrians catch them above water. Charoda Char, Common None Closed - In Development
Black Rock The stark, bleak island-city that is home to Dira, Goddess of Death, and those who serve her, alive and dead. A curious place, it is a mysterious beacon to the dead. Ghosts Various, Common None Closed
Syka This brand new settlement is a tropical paradise on the edge of the Falyndar jungle. Buffeted by the Suvan, the settlement of Syka holds many secrets. Human Common Gossamer Open for Play


Sometimes called The Sea of Grass, Cyphrus is an enormous region filled with an endless expanse of plains. Home of the horseclans and cities that tend to move around, Cyphrus is a haven for those that want to 'disappear' for a time.

Endrykas Not found on any map, Endrykas is an enormous moving encampment formed by the horseclans of Cyphrus coming together to trade, exchange information, and train. Often called the 'tent city', Endrykas' nature is as fluid as the sea of grass it resides on. Drykas Pavi, Common None Closed
Riverfall Built on the side of an enormous waterfall where the Bluevein River plunges into the Suvan Sea in a three thousand foot drop, Riverfall is the posh home of the Akalak warriors. Here they've made a luxurious fortress bastion that welcomes visitors so long as they play by the rules. Complete with zoos, aquariums, even a water park, the home of the Akalak is a paradise in an otherwise violent world. Akalak Tukant, Common None Closed
Claridon In Development. Humans Common None Closed - In Development
Kenash This city is a posh plantation driven swampy bayou filled with two classes. The Dynasty Families own everything and rule the city while being built up on the backs of the slaves that do the actual labor. Freeborn roam as well, though the Rujaro cause havoc as well trying to free the slaves and swell their ranks. Humans Common Gossamer Open for Play
Xy This is the largest and most civilized clan of Zith known to exist. Not a traditional town or city, Xy is a series of caves and tunnels built beneath a ruined castle simply called, Castle Xy. Made up of Zith and their slaves, it is the only colony that engages in limited amounts of trade with the outside world via the Castle. Zith Zithinese, Common None Closed - In Development


+++Eyktol is currently under development as a region. This includes the cities and the races of the area. Please be sure to inquire with staff and other players before creating any character with ties to Eyktol or its races.+++

Smoldering desert lands in the furthest south of Mizahar, Eyktol is unforgivably hot and considered one of the most inhospitable places on Mizahar. However, that doesn't mean life doesn't thrive there. It does... there are hearty peoples and lost empires deep in the heart of the desert.

Wadrass A small, fluctuating trade city located on a lush oasis with a small permanent population and no real governence other than the families that happen to be there. Benshira gather in Wadrass to celebrate holidays, trade, and exchange news and stories. Benshira Shiber, Common None Closed - Revamping In-Process
Hai Formerly Hazahdar, an underground city hewn from the stone and blighted by divine powers in the Valterrian. Untouched treasures glimmer in Hai's dark grottos and water flows freely, making a glorious coffin for Mizahar's worst criminals and reviled lepers. Criminals, Gnosis Cursed and Lepers Common None Closed - Revamping In-Process
Ahnatep The once glorious trade center of the Eypharian people that towered over the banks of the great river. It is now half toppled and sparsely populated by Eypharians and Dhani. Some structures still stand as testaments to the power and splendor of the Eypharians and a sizable oasis dominates its center. Eypharians Arumenic, Common None Closed - Revamping In-Process
Eloab A ghostly village of stone and mud with no permanent people. The Eloabites are long dead, possibly slain by mysterious disease brought with the Valterrian. Only the Chaktawe dare hoist their tents on the village's roofs or use its wells while passing through. Chaktawe Tawna, Common None Closed - Revamping In-Process

Island Nations

There are several large islands that are not large enough to be considered regions, but indeed act as their own sovereign nations. These islands are as unique as the people that populate them.

Mura Home of seers and healers, Mura is a the one and only city located on the White Isle, Konti Island. Populated by Konti women, this city is a peaceful cultural hub filled with those faithful to both the Goddess of Visions and the God of the Sea. Mura is a city that is half submerged since the Konti women are equally at home both within and outside of the sea. Konti Kontinese, Common None Closed
Abura The home city of the Akvatari, a strange melange of winding towers and underwater caves. The heart of a people fanatically devoted to the creative arts, whose work is highly valued throughout Mizahar. Akvatari Common None Closed


While not exactly considered cities, these domains are available for players to start in and roleplay throughout.

Suvan Sea The massive inland sea that divides Mizahar like a remnant crater is called The Suvan Sea. Full of pirates and life of its own, the Suvan is dangerous and beautiful. An inland sea created by Ivak's cataclismic fury during the Valterrian, the Suvan Sea is a major trade route and the foremost hub for piracy in Mizahar. Misc Fratava, Common Gossamer Open for Play
The Outpost This is a universal trading post ran by Xyna and her priests and priestesses is acessible by anyone from any major city in Mizahar through their infamous Dovecotes. All Common Gossamer Open for Play