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Grisham Grimswald

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Grisham Grimswald
Weapon: Dagger55

An unwashed unkept, grey-bearded old man with thinning gray hair and black eyes, Grisham Grimswald is a beggar who roams the Tent City.


Grisham is one of the conundrums of Sunberth with a past that no one really knows. Driven into despair by the failed induction and the subsequent death of his wife, ‘Espalia’ into reimancy this man has been further driven insane by magical overgiving. Indeed his actions and mannerisms seem to always belie a hint of desperation and a furtive sense of unease with the rest of the world. Often people will hear him muttering lamentations under his breath about a 'poor Espalia, my dear Espalia' and randomly crying.

Often times confused as a simple unwashed beggar, the stench of his rotting clothes make few dares to approach him. And his looks as a beggar make fewer seem to wish to hang around him. Most of the Sanctela view him as a mascot of sorts, as in his madness he has never once touched his reimancy again after ‘his poor Espalia’ died. Many seeking his tutelage of Auristics and Glyphing through rumors are often turned aside by the Sanctela’s resident number of beggars and hiding thieves.

Outside of the Sanctela when he is not wandering the streets begging, Grisham has sometimes been seen in the company of Raven: one of the two leaders of the Night Eyes who seem to have a watchful eye within the more clustered areas of the tent city, such as the Sanctela. Is Grisham part of their network of eyes and ears?