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Tent City

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Just southeast of the Slag Heap fire is a sprawl of land cupped within the recesses of terrain south of the Sunset Quarters and the Agremmon Fields. Upon this land the most desperate, as well as the temporary or sometimes permanent refugees make their homes. A place colloquially known as The Tent City.


The Tent City of Sunberth is a melting pot of races, traditions, and backgrounds. Floating around the outskirts of the town, The Tent City is a place of constant arrivals and departures. Camps on the outskirts move often forming a disorganized sprawl of interconnecting areas. Hygiene within this warren of the city is varied, especially since it fluctuates from camp to camp, a perfect ground for the breeding pestilences that haunt beggars and other sordid sorts unless they take care with their health.

Within scattered areas of burned-out ruins long abandoned, you can find encampments that make it seem like you’re entering a different world. In these places is very easy to get lost in the camps many vestiges of walls and alleyways create twists and turns that follow a pattern reminiscent of the old sprawls of the slums which have long lain fallow. Thieves are especially wary of prying into the wrong person's affairs, though the security of the camps varies. Usually forming along lines of loyalty to groups. Unlike the wolf's den, where many 'gangs' get their jollies trying to vault themselves over one another, the entire area of the Tent city is made for lesser groups that are not well versed enough to have obtained such infamy or resources yet. Despite this, many members of the area consider themselves all in the same boat and thus treat each other as one big dysfunctional family. Sometimes fighting, rabble-rousing, and brawling amongst themselves.

The people of The Tent City are very wary of and never trust strangers, most know each other in their immediate areas of habitation and thus an outsider's presence is quite obvious. Outsiders are generally treated with distrust and a wary hand on a dagger’s pommel. It is safest to travel with a guide from the area when within the bounds of The Tent City.

Despite the peoples' impoverished state, it is clear that the collective kin of The Tent City has found a way to live happily in a simple manner within the strange neutrality inherent to the area.

One of the greatest known of these clusters amidst the crumbled walls and stones are called the Sanctela. In the Sanctela, a large grouping of denizens and beggars began to connect their tents together, adding on scraps of cloth and different colored tarps from stolen sails to the canvas of other tent scraps forming a veritable hive out of the place. In the Sanctela, alone the lives of the denizens take on the living breathing essence of Sunberth’s chaos. Almost a parallel to the part and parcel Slums themselves. Only using cloth instead of wood as their main material. In this place, the maze of indoor corridors and passageways would be the main arteries and veins. These indoor halls are lined with many of the tents of the inhabitants. Getting lost within the Sanctela is almost a death sentence for outsiders, as it has stood as a place for all the common people of the slums to flee too if in trouble, and most ‘wealthy bastards’ who possess more than a coin in their purse will be given incorrect directions as a standing inside joke amongst the people. Beggars and pickpockets stand a great chance of eluding their pursuers here. While most of it remains intact year after year, the outermost sections of these clusters, including the Sanctela tend to vary in architecture over time for various reasons.

It is especially dangerous and sometimes suicidal for outsiders to tread upon The Tent City's territory. Including slaving parties, though well-armed outsiders seem to fare better than most. While most scatter in the face of danger, the desolate silence will quickly turn into the chanting of a riot comprised of gang members and common folk alike. These raids, while infrequent, do tend to have the tent city's inhabitants continually moving and changing the locale of the Sanctela's location within the area the Tent City tends to stay within. This constant wariness ensures the topography and the location of the place never stays exactly the same from one season to the next. Like any other conglomeration of tents, the entire place can sometimes seem to pull up roots and disappear if there's ever sufficient cause for alarm.


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