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Holly Whitevine

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Holly Whitevine

Holly Whitevine, Avanthalian Masseuse
Date of birth487 AV (aged 36)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitleSelf-Employed Masseuse
Gnosis marks


Holly is rather short for a Vantha at only 5'2. Unlike a large portion of her race, she has a rather slender build, and never surpasses a weight of 102 pounds. She is not very muscular, instead, her build is that of an hourglass. Even so, she manages to seem strong, yet, somewhat delicate at the same time. She has short black hair that ends just above her shoulders. It is lined with both dark purple, and the occasional blonde streak. The ends tend to curl into her pale, pink lips. Her hair frames a slender face lined with freckles, as well as her almond-shaped eyes, the irises of which are typically an emerald green. She has a single gnosis mark in the shape of a snowflake from Morwen on the back of her neck, and another from Nikali, a deep red stain that looks like a chain, above her left breast.


Holly is one of the quieter Vantha. When she is not working, she often keeps to herself, although, she will be sociable should anyone approach her. She isn't much for talking, much preferring those around her to speak, while she simply listens to their words. Her presence is said to be soothing to most, and that is not simply because she appears to be a good listener. When she speaks, her voice is gentle, little above a whisper, and it sounds like honey. She never seems to get angry, and is always willing to give someone a massage, for a price. It is said that she is better at giving massages to men, since she is far more willing to use her seductive side with them, than with other women.


Holly was born into the Whitevine hold in 487 AV. Within a year, she had received a single mark from Morwen to help protect her from the cold, as many of her kind are prone to do. When she was only 14 years old, her mother began to suffer from terrible pain in her hands and her back. Hating to watch her mother suffer, Holly took an interest in finding ways to help soothe her pain. Unfortunately, unlike many members of her Hold, Holly was neither interested, or gifted in the field of medicine. However, when Holly rubbed her mother's hands, and pressed her hands into her mother's back, she found that it alleviated her mother's pain; to an extent.

Excited that she had finally found something that seemed to help her mother, Holly Whitevine searched the Hold for anyone who would listen to her explanations about one's ability to alleviate pain with the use of her hands. Several Vantha didn't take the time to listen, but finally, a man named Graftik took the time to listen, and took the time to explain that what she was doing, was massaging her mother. The two soon became friends, and Graftik taught the girl everything he knew about massage. The process took three years. Shortly after she turned 17, Holly began to give massages on her own, for a small fee. At 18, her mother died suddenly, and the girl fell into a deep set depression. She began to dig her way back out at 19, when she acquired a single mark from Nikali, in a way that only she knows. She never shares the story with anyone. Not even her father or Graftik. She now spends her time running a small massage-giving business out of the Whitevine Hold. When she is not working, she may be found visiting her friends in other Holds, or sleeping.