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I see a little more. That's all. It doesn't make me better. It just makes me unique, so much so, that I can tell you don't understand.

A Konti gift is an ability each Konti has that is unique unto them while they journey through their Mizahar experience. Each Konti, due to the nature of the entire race living upon Mura and spending significant time there has been altered by their constant exposure to Vision Water. As a result, these Konti women are often born with 'gifts' that make each and every one of them a bit unique from one another. However, Konti who where born and raised off of the island are not born with these gifts. If outside Konti wander back to Mura and spend any length of time there, their gifts are reinforced by more exposure to the vision water that permeates everything they eat and drink on the island. Even non-Konti who dwell for years on Mura - especially the longer-lived races like the Akalak or Ethaefal - can develop these gifts as well. The gifts never mimic a gnosis or magic, but instead often give Konti great insight into little things in their lives. The Konti claim that Avalis and Rak'keli often gift them with abilities they most need in life. These abilities always come across as extra perception type gifts. All Konti Gifts must be approved via the Help Desk. For a current list and examples of Konti gifts, please see the list below.

Exporting vision water and regularly imbuing it will not grant a non-Konti a gift. The exposure simply isn't enough. Direct contact with Mura over years and generations is truly what is needed to acquire the gift.

Non-Konti With Konti Gifts

Due to the influx of people requesting Konti Gifts that are A. Not Konti and B. Writing in a lengthy stay on Mura in their past, we will no longer be awarding Konti Gifts at the start of gameplay for PCs who are not Konti. Konti get Konti gifts if they were born on Mura or spent any time there in their past. Non-Konti can develop a Konti gift if they relocate or start roleplaying in Mura and stay there for at least one in-real-life year.

What Not To Ask For

Konti are very popular and we often have a lot of PCs, especially those that are new, asking for Konti Gifts in the Help Desk. That is great. However, please stop asking for Konti Gifts that would put your Konti in a situation to predetermine something about another PC, especially one that would force you to make a call that in game should never be made. What are we talking about?

The ever popular... "Can my Konti have a sort of Death-Sense? You know, can she know when another person is going to die, about to die, or something related to their deaths like how, when, where and why?"

No, no, and a thousand times no. This means YOUR pc has to predetermine the lifespan of another PC. Or conversely you have to then PM someone you are RPing with and tell them... "My PC has Death Sense... can you please tell me when/where/how/why your PC is going to die so my smarty little gifted PC can know and be all reactive to that fact?" Whaaa? You really want to put yourself into this sort of situation and force everyone who rps with you to do so as well. You want people to actually make up when their PCS are going to die and include all the where when how stuff? No no no. Don't be that person... that person that asks the Help Desk a couple times a week for this gift. Why? Because it tell us that are the type of person that doesn't think things through beyond what would seem 'cool' and not what would be utterly feasibly possible within this gaming environment.

Active Konti Gifts

Below is a list of all current Konti and their gifts. If your Konti isn't listed below please see another Konti who is for help listing your Konti. First come first served for the gifts. Please be original and do not duplicate others' gifts. Please list the date of your PC's creation to stake your claim. Gifts can be related to one another, but make sure they do not duplicate a magical ability or a gnosis. Also, please be aware that putting Konti Gifts in the wiki is voluntary. If you don't see a gift you want posted here, that doesn't mean a Konti doesn't have it already. We are trying to have all Konti have unique gifts, so the only way we will grant a duplicate is if hte original gift owner has been absent from the game for awhile and looks to not be coming back.

Konti Gifts - Listed by Creation Date of PCs
heightKamalia Timandre(09/08/2009) Truthsaying: Kamalia possesses the gift of detecting "truth" when it is being told (spoken, written, or telepathic, or in very rare cases, body language), where "truth" means the person communicating perceives what they are saying as correct, which is not necessarily the pure truth. This ability does not automatically allow her to detect lies, or discern the many layers of truth, unlike in Tyveth’s gnosis, Truthism. This gift also causes Kamalia to be obsessed with what is real, and affects her psyche in such a way that she is disgusted, or even angered, by people who make things up, embellish their stories, or simply do not "believe what they say". Prolonged periods of being in proximity of a decidedly unscrupulous individual causes her mental anguish.
heightSatu(09/12/09) Heart-Seer: Avalis gifted Satu with a Gnosis Mark at birth, naming her Heart-Seer. As such, she is highly aware of how people feel around her, but the ability to sense emotion is often double-edged. While it can be helpful to know what feelings are hidden in another’s heart, it can also impact the Seer’s moods positively or negatively. Strong emotions both good and ill tend to draw the Seer’s psyche. It is not unheard of for a Konti Heart-Seer, too long spent in another’s state of mind, to transfer those feelings to themselves, or to be overcome by a multitude of emotions at one time. This gift can be psychologically detrimental to the Seer.
heightSondra (K'Sondra)(10/13/09) Sinspeaking: Sondra is able to discern a person's greatest sin through skin to skin touch. Her visions tend towards the past, but she can very rarely get a glimpse of a future sin that may soon be. The mechanics of the gift rely on her being especially attuned to parts of an individual's being where guilt resides or a lingering impression from the victim remains. Touch will not always bring a revelation, but she is unable to silence the visions when they choose to manifest. Sondra has difficulty with her gift as each read leaves an imprint in the intimate parts of her mind. She is often subject to guilt over sins she did not commit and plagued by disgusting memories not her own.
heightKavala(10/24/09) Animal Empathy: Kavala feels what animals feel and if she is around specific individuals enough, she can pick up glimpses of their thinking. Her strider, for example, can flash pictures of carrots in her mind when Windsong wants a carrot from his mistress. It also helps make her an excellent animal healer because she can intensely feel where they hurt. If an animal is a kelvic, she can often feel their thoughts and if she's close enough sometimes they might seem like they are indeed her own. Kavala over the years has learned to separate out her own thoughts from theirs - but animals can still heavily influence her mood and feelings by what they project.
heightArianni D'Sorn(08/24/10) Neuro-empathy: Arianni unconsciously picks up the neuroses of those people she spends considerable time with. She has no control over the ability, and the change is so gradual that she would only notice that she's doing something she doesn't normally do until she's done something that is out of character for her something that is a drastic deviation from what she would normally do. For example, if she has a kleptomaniac companion and they were in a store, she will feel a desire to pocket an item she thinks no one will notice missing. More complex psychological conditions take longer to pick up, but the more time she spends with the person with those conditions, the more she absorbs their neuroses. Extensive physical contact with the person speeds up the absorption process. While she can consciously resist the more blatant and glaring compulsions that deviate from what she thinks is her 'normal' self, most behavioral changes go unnoticed until someone points them out to her. Any neuroses Arianni may have picked up will slowly diminish and eventually vanish once she is separated from the person who has them for an extended period of time.
heightJumaymah(07/28/11) Empathic Pain: Jumaymah would be hard pressed to call what she can do a 'gift', actually seeing it as much more of a curse. While it has been undeniably useful in the past when acting as a physician the toll it takes on her psyche is too high for her to make use of it regularly. Jumaymah literally feels another's pain on touching them, and it's something that she has no control over. She automatically experiences their physical pain as if it were her own, whether that's a mild headache or a broken limb. The longer she remains in contact with a person the longer she'll experience the pain for after contact is broken, most commonly it'll be almost as long as the contact lasted.
heightAvari(08/10/11) Heart's Desire: Avari has the ability to touch someone and receive a single sensory impression of whatever the subject loves or desires most in this world. Direct skin-to-skin contact is required, though only an instant is enough for her to perceive the subject's deepest desire or love. Depending on the strength of the subject's will, sometimes the subject's feelings of passion or covetousness for the object of his or her desire will also make themselves felt during the contact, intruding on Avari's own emotions and even subtly influencing her own desires.
heightSa'Flora(09/25/11) Sorrow-Seeing: Flora, through the contact of skin, is able to see the saddest moment in someone's life. They are always in the form of visions, and she sees the scene looking through eyes of whomever she is touching. The visions are always things of the past; she sees nothing of future sorrows. She cannot control when she has a vision, so she dislikes touching others. The visions are usually hard for Flora to watch, and they often times leave her in sickly moods and a depressed state.
heightK'Sabe(10/22/11) Atmosphere Sensing: Sabe can feel the atmosphere in a room or areas with a large crowd, like a market or crowded streets. She can not pick out the specific feelings of individuals instead she takes in the overall emotion, though if someone gives off a strong emotion or many people share similar feelings. Sabe considers this mostly a gift but sometimes she gets really sad and depressed when she's been exposed to bad atmospheres and with her gnosis mark from Rak'keli she is more sensitive to violence, anger and depression.
heightSerrif Von Chatlyn(10/26/11) Soothing Touch: On touch Serrif has found that he has an almost inhuman ability to sooth a persons spirits and nerves. The way this 'feels' to the person being touched ranges from a warm sensation washing over them to anything really. But the effect is always calming and soothing. It can cause someone who is panicked to slow down and start thinking clearly and someone who is spiritually or emotionally frantic to be gently brought back on an even keel. But this gift can also be intensified by how Serrif feels as well. The calmer Serrif is the stronger and faster the effect is on the person he is in contact with. If Serrif is completely in a complete meditative state he could simply touch someone else and quickly bring them to his state. The longer the contact he has with the person the calmer they will get with his extended touch; mostly because their body will become used to the feeling.
heightNoire(11/30/11) Directional Sense: Noire can sense the direction in which another person lies. If they are within the same room, she knows their general location, whereas if it is any greater distance, she only knows the general direction.
heightNira'lia(12/7/11) One's Joy: On touch, Nira'lia is able to catch a glimpse of a person's memory right at the moment that he or she was the happiest. For a moment, she will feel as if she was in their place. Nira'lia will feel the happiness as well, depending on the intensity of the person's emotions in his memory. This will only occur the first time she touches a person, meaning that the event will not repeat itself for a certain person.
heightLynnea Timandre(12/29/11) Djed Sensing: Lynnea's gift allows her to read the djed of others through simple touch. Merely by laying her hand on someone's skin, Lynnea can tell if the person she's touching practices magic or not. Prolonged contact allows Lynnea to tell what magical discipline the person practices, if any at all; it starts by telling her with discipline the person in question use the most often, then goes to the second most important one, and so on and so forth. It takes only a couple seconds to discover the magical abilities of a minor practitioner, while she needs to be in contact with more advanced mages for longer periods of time to discover the full breadth of their abilities.
heightL'orlei(12/21/2011) NameSeer: As with all Konti, L'orlei was born with a special gift. She is a seer of names. Whenever L'orlei meets a person their name comes unbidden to her mind, almost like someone whispered it in her ear. This ability even works with some animals, assuming they have been given a name and know it is theirs. L'orlei cannot control this ability and in come cases it can be overwhelming, such as when in a large crowd. Skin to skin contact takes her ability further, causing the names and faces of every individual that person has ever met to flash in L'orlei's mind from the most recent all the way back. Again, she cannot control this and must either break contact or let the names run their course.
Erudite(05/21/2012) Mischief Sensing: Erudite's gift allows her to sense if an individual, or group of individuals, plans to inflict harm on her either physically or emotionally. However, she will only be aware of their presence and their intent if they are in her line of sight or within the immediate vicinity. The gift helps her anticipate and prepare herself whenever a threat is nearby, though it does not under any circumstances assure her safety.
heightPaonna(6/9/2012) Birth-Sense: Paonna has the ability to sense the race, sex and when to expect the baby. She can also sense if there are twins, triplets, or otherwise. The only way she can tell this is by placing her hand over the naval of a pregnant woman, with nothing in between her hand and the skin. Sometimes, Paonna begins to believe that she's the one expecting a child, and has slight urges to prepare for the arrival of the baby. Luckily, this only lasts for a very short amount of time, around 10 to 30 chimes (minutes).
heightIlona N'Elodie(3/23/2012) Emotional Adjustment: When coming in skin to skin contact with someone, Ilona can sense what they are feeling, and then proceeds to alter their mood according to her own. She has no power over this, though usually the affect isn't drastic unless she or the one she's in contact with is in a highly emotional state. If close to but not in contact with someone who is highly emotional, or if she is, she can still sense and alter said person's mood. The mood alterations happen automatically, though Ilona can use it to her advantage and, with concentration, strengthen or weaken the effects. It can be a curse as often as it can be a gift, and Lona usually uses it to calm others.
heightNatalina(4/01/2012) Temperament Telling: Upon eye contact, Natalina is able to digress the temperament of the individual. The gift works on anything that is living. This does not include ghosts. Natalins is able to tell the temperament of a nuit, though the information may be contradictory or overlapping. The telling of the temperament only happens once upon eye contact with the creature, unless the individual goes through a drastic change and is no longer themselves; mentally, emotionally, or physically. The information given is a general overview of the individual, not influenced by the situation. Natalina remembers the temperament of each creature until they/her die. May include titles such as: "Good Listener, Easy Going, Easily Irritated, Racist".
heightOriela(6/25/2012) Northern Sense: Like a living compass, Oriela can - with a little concentration - sense which direction North is in, wherever she is in the world. Magical interference can make her awareness cloudy however.
heightNorra(6/25/2012) Honest Body: Konti gift allows Norra to detect if mimics or gestures are natural or faked. This comes as simple feeling when someone is faking a smile or similar and she considers it completely natural, as six sense, constantly active. She also can't detect anything else, so why is person faking something is left to assumptions.
heightNaeya Ti'av(6/24/2012) Sensing The Unsaid: Naeya is able to sense when something isn't being said. She is unable to know what this "something" is, but a strange feeling comes over her when other characters leave information out on purpose. She can choose to act or not act on this feeling. This gift only works when it comes to speech - the written word is impervious to her gift.
heightIris Timandre(9/11/2011) Item Tracking: Iris has the ability to instantly locate anything be it clothing, books, tools, or money that belongs or has belonged to her. But her range is only one hundred feet.
heightGalene(6/28/2012) Association Sensing: When Galene was born she, like all Konti women, was born with a special gift. She herself was born with the ability to sense the general group of people that one associates themselves with. If she does not personally know any of that person's circle of 'friends' then she will only be able to tell the most basic thing that they all have in common. She simply gets a very strong gut feeling that most of the people they associate themselves are very sly, creative, or even just have a love for the ocean. However if she has ever encountered someone this person keeps company with, she will recognize that they know one another. This has to be a direct encounter, someone that Galene herself has at least held a conversation with before and someone that the other person may consider a friend, or simply have had multiple contacts with. Indirect relationships are not accounted for, so friends of friends do not affect Galene's gift. A name will simply come to mind when she meets these kinds of people- and this overpowers the more general relations she could have had before. For instance, if she were to meet someone that associated mainly with people that held no value for life, she would have a thought in the back of her head when she would meet this person that they kept company with those that did not value life. However, if she were to meet the same person and they were close with perhaps her mother at some point the only thing Galene would notice would be that they knew her mother. This comes in the form of a thought when she chooses to focus on a certain person, eye contact helps clarity but is not required. It's always a trait, and it causes Galene to more than often jump to false conclusions about people- as not everyone is the same as those they keep company with.
heightL'kya Avaltia(7/19/2012) Detecting Distress: L'kya Can sense when somebody that she is acquainted with is in distress. Both the range and the strength of her bond with the person can determine the magnitude of the effect. For example, if her mother were in danger anywhere on Mizahar, she would be able to sense it. If she were in Wind Reach, and her mother were in Sahova, She would only feel a sense of danger and that it stemmed from her mother, and perhaps an inkling of her mother's emotions, depending on how strong they were, and she might even be able to sense that it were coming from a vaguely eastern direction, but if they were both in Wind Reach, and relatively close, L'kya would feel her mother's emotions and pain almost as if they were her own, and she would even get impressions of what was happening. L'kya has no control over this ability.
heightAsada Valencia(12/7/2011) Perspicacity's Curse: Subject is subjected to bouts of slightly keener visions that momentarily override their ability to function.
heightAdiel(10/2/2012) Fertility Meter: Adiel is able to tell if a woman is fertile by touching her.
heightEleret(10/20/2012) Ambient Aroma: Eleret senses the moods of people around her as scents, either singly or in combination. She can pick up the general tone of either an individual or a crowd. The more intense the mood, the stronger the scent she perceives; similarly, the more people in a group who share the same mood, the stronger the scent. Though the aromas she perceives are not 'real' as such, they behave like real scents do in diffusion and the potential to be carried or dispersed by wind.
heightKaliendra(11/24/2012) Sense Immediate Danger: Able to sense when someone within 100 yards of her is intending to cause physical harm to her. She gets a general feeling that someone is going to harm her, but cannot pinpoint exactly who it is and can only sense a vague general direction of the person intending harm.
heightKal'ai(12/08/2012) Choice Intuition: Kal'ai has received a gift that she calls "Choice Intuition". When the Seer of Choice is in front of two (or more) option and start concentrating on each possibility, her gift associate every choice with a different sensation, which can be pleasant if the choice has positive effects, or unpleasant if its effects are negative. The more the sensation is stronger, the more the effects of this choice are extreme. However, the feelings of the Seer can alterate the verdict, as there is no way to distinguish a normal sensation from one gained with her gift. In fact, this ability made Kal'ai unusually exitant and nervous in front of most of the choices, especially those that are quite important, the cause being the fear to mistakenly trust a volatile sensation instead of her gift, and actually using the gift cause her stress. That could lead her, if the ability is used too often for her mind to "recover", to a nervous breakdown. The gift nature makes also impossible to understand what exactly are the consequences of the choice, other than a generic "good" or a generic "bad".
heightAkela(02/01/13) Weapon empathy: When touching a weapon or a tool specifically crafted for hurting another, Akela will occasionally experience flashes from that item's past history, especially its making process and any major bloodshed it was used for. She will instinctively know whether a blade has tasted battle before, but any such imagery is from the weapon's point of view and will focus on the victim rather than the wielder. Therefore, she might be able to glimpse the face of someone who died to a certain weapon, but she won't be able to identify the killer in a murder case by simply having access to the weapon.
heightIosha(06/08/12) Death Visions: Iosha has the ability to sense the death in twenty foot radius around her. She can sense the names of the people who died, how they died, and when they died. The visions will show her the events leading up to the time of the person death. If she stands on the spot the person died, the vision can converse with her their last wish. These visions are uncontrollable and will appear to Iosha when she comes into area where someone has died. These visions tend to be emotionally disturbing to Iosha, for the most of childhood, she thought the dead were following her. She would lock herself in her room till the visions go away. Today, she will try avoid known battle fields and places where death was widespread. However, the gift is also helpful to law enforcement officers since she can retell how a person or people died.
heightLiena(02/06/13) Sense Animal Guide - When Liena touches someone, she can see animal spirits that watch over the individual person. She can tell who or what these animal guides are and why they are watching the person. Some people have one guide, but more rarely people have two. Liena, so long as she's touching these people, can communicate with these spirits.
heightMalla(08/08/13) Killer Sense: When someone is near to Malla (furthest being about an arm length's away), she can sense if they have ever killed anyone. She can tell by the strength of the 'feeling' she gets form them if the kill has been recent or is further in the past; the stronger the feeling, the more recent the kill. She can't see who it was or why or how, only know that the person did end someone's life.
heightNilika(10/16/13) Touch of Sadness: The ability to feel an living thing's sorrow from direct contact. When Nilika is touched directly by another, she can feel the other's sadness that they have or is hiding. This can last up to brief seconds or hours. It all depends on how strong the feeling is.
heightS'essy(02/03/14) Bond-sensing: Just like every Konti, S'Essy has her own special gift as well. By touching a person she can feel if the person has any kind of bond with someone. Like a Drykas with a strider, a bond with a kelvic or cheva mark. She will only feels what kind of bonds this person has, but she won't know their bondmates' name.
heightAe'lore(07/21/14) Recall: As a result of long-term exposure to the vision waters of Mura, Ae'lore has developed an ability to sense forgetfulness in others by making eye-contact. If the individual is at risk of or is already losing touch with a memory, Ae'lore will be subject to brief and abstract visions and emotional responses connected with these memories. The visions grow stronger if it's a repressed, traumatic memory and the trauma is almost replicated in Ae'lore while eye-contact persists. As a result of this gift, Ae'lore herself has developed near-eidetic memory.