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Lile Frithisen

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Lile Frithisen
Date of birth492 AV (aged 31)
Place of birthZeltiva
TitleLord of Council

A new Lord of Council was elected by the people in Spring of 518AV, and her name is Lile Frithisen. She was the wife of a Gracey who was running for Lord of Council, and daughter of a commoner. No one expected her win, but she has been comfortably ruling from the seat of the Lord of Councilor since. She is known to be warm and familiar with the people. She takes her job very seriously and diligently works to favor the general Zeltivan populace as best she can, although she is not as vocal about the corruption of the government as Satterthwite was, and so many believe she will prosper so long as she does not disrupt The Council.


Lile was never meant to be elected, or so she thought. As the wife of a prominent Gracey family member who was running for Lord of Council, she made a concentrated effort to create a favorable public appearance for her husband. Unbeknownst to her, the Sailor’s Guild and Board of Regents conspired to have her elected instead of her husband. The two ruling factions had suffered through too many years of powerful Lord Councilors and saw Lile Frithisen as a pretty-faced, inexperienced, daughter of a shipwright who would bend to their will easy enough. There are rumors her husband has separated from her after her unexpected win of the seat, although they appear together in public to maintain appearances. So far the Board of Regents and Sailor’s Guild have been pleased with Lile’s performance, although she is beginning to gain more political influence with the people, having been the most personable Lord of Council in recent years. Having been in office since Spring of 516AV, Lile is gaining strong social favor with the people and filling her role as Lord Councilor and puppet to the ruling factions well. The Board of Regents and Sailor’s Guild are satisfied with her cooperation and so it appears she will be up for re-election in 522AV.