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Most Magical Institutions have a headquarters of some renown.



With the Valterrian, everything changed. The high institutions of learning vanished overnight throughout Mizahar. So too did the world’s governments and power centers. People scrambled for their lives as most of the population of Mizahar was decimated. That death toll included plant and animal life as well. When one takes a giant portion of the land, throws it up in the sky, and slams it down on the continent flooding the land in a giant newly formed inland sea, little survives. It was a wonder common forms of magic even survived. Many of the rarer forms of magic did not, becoming Lost Disciplines.

Survival wasn’t all about circumstance and luck though. Scholars theorize that it was because of magic some of those survivors not only lived but thrived. Records of that time are sketchy at best since most of the history of those dark storm-filled days by necessity became oral. Mages must have taken the lead, holding together the ground immediately around them, forming clean water, clean air, and protecting those under their charge. Statistically, no one should have survived what happened to the world that day. But something changed the luck – be it the actions of the other Gods or the power mortals themselves wielded. And through eliminating most of what could have been done, Magic and the use of Djed seems the most obvious candidate responsible.

Due to the mass casualties during the Valterrian, Magical Institutions far and wide were destroyed. No one remembers if they were vast magical universities or more secretive societies prior to The Valterrian. But after the Valterrian, with power rightfully feared, obvious institutional rises did not occur. Instead, more organic institutions formed almost naturally as people came together and additional generations were born that allowed for the passing on of the salvaged magical knowledge.

One thing is certain. The decimated djedlines and their lone survivors did manage to pass on some of their powers and knowledge into modern times. Current scholars of Arcanology theorize there are perhaps less than a hundred known djedlines in modern days whereas pre-Valterrian there were likely thousands. Those same scholars also theorize that modern magical practices are likely thinned out sanitized and fragmented versions of the vast array of disciplines available pre-Valterrian. For this reason alone, it is important that Magical Institutions arise – however slowly – and begin to reclaim the knowledge that was lost to the world apocalypse.

To be considered a Magical Institution, the group of individuals must focus solely on Magic. They can be part of a greater group, but the focus of the organization must be Magic.

Known Institutions

Below is a current list of Institutions. These institutions can be discovered through research and interrogation fairly easily... though parts of their purpose, such as the Syliran Mage-Knights guarding the Windoak, might only be learned through joining that institution.

The Sentinels

Main article: Sentinels

Location: Sultros

The Sentinels are pureblood Isur who has been accepted to the Silver Tower and who studies, practices, protects and seeks out all forms of magic as well as more taboo, forbidden arts. The life of a Sentinel is one of exploration, evolution, and a greater understanding; both of the magic and the being that focuses and manipulates it. It is said that a Sentinel is born to be what they are. If one does not possess the natural skill, desire, curiosity, patience, and strength for manipulating djed, they can't be taught otherwise. Progressing through life as a Sentinel is often a process of long years’ slow advance through the fundamentals of arcane lore; the mentally dehydrated quenching their thirst for knowledge through ever-more advanced education, study, and discovery. Among the Isur of the Kingdom of Sultros, Sentinels of all ranks, are respected and feared for the power they wield and the knowledge they possess. They are the protectors of the last fragments of Isaurian magical might; a task that is by no means small.

Syliran Mage-Knights

Main article: Syliran knights

Location: Syliras

A branch of The Syliran Knights, Syliran Mage-Knights train within The Silver Courtyard deep within Syliras. Adjacent to the Windoak, the Mage-Knights are special protectors of the Fragment of Sylir that drives their existence. The Mage-Knights have a unique djedline passed down through their Grandmaster called Tuvanthas. This is a particularly potent djedline that is only carefully passed on to those individuals that display exemplary traits coveted by the knighthood; Honor, chivalry, integrity, steadfastness, bravery, courage, and humility.

The Meraki

Main article: Meraki

Location: Zeltiva's Wildlands at The Empyreal Demesne (5 miles outside the city)

The Meraki is a guild of arcanists created by Kelski K'etir to provide a safe location for like-minded mages to gather and survive without having to worry about prejudices and cultural or regional shortcomings such as famine, opposing values, and hostile environments. The Meraki exist to rediscover, preserve, guard, and selectively spread the knowledge of obscure and lost magics. This is a player-driven organization. For more information see: The Empyreal Demesne

Secret Institutions

These institutions are very secretive. Acquiring lores of them requires time, patience, and a lot of skill usages. They also require Help Desk permission through working with a local moderator. Special permission to start in one of these institutions may be given on a case by case situation. Joining these institutions is possible, but expect a lot of roleplay work to do so.

The Ruv'na

Main article: The Ruv'na

Location: Riverfall

The Ruv'na are a mixed group of people originating from the Pre-Valterrian era who feel the influence of the Gods on Mizahar is too heavy-handed. They oppose any interference at all in life on Mizahar by the Deities that occupy Mizahar. To that end the Ruv'na really act like anti-god fanatics and move in any direction they can to thwart divine will. All Gods are included in their scorn, regardless of alignment or sphere of influence. The Ruv'na are always mages, but reject all divine magic and gnosis. They are the sole owners of the Lost Discipline of Static.

The Underdark

Main article: Underdark

Location: Sunberth

In Sunberth's hostile atmosphere where mages are killed on sight, there is a small underground faction of mages hiding in plain sight in the city. These mages are hostile, hardened, and blend in perfectly with Sunberth's other denizens. Their headquarters are below the city in a place called The Cesspool. These mages are hardened, ruthless, and utterly dangerous.