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Maria Satterthwite

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Maria Satterthwite

Maria Satterthwite
Date of birth461 AV
Place of birthZeltiva, Sylira
Date of death518 AV (aged 57)
Place of deathZeltiva
TitleEx-Lord of Council
Soulnist Projection60

The unfortunate fate of an ex-Lord of Council is that of being forgotten. Although Maria had pushed to retrieve power to the Lord of Council more than any before her, when her time in office had passed, she was quickly pushed out of Zeltivan memory. It was also that very spirit which had put her under danger from the Sailor's Guild and the Board of Regents, who have throttled the Lord Councilor's power for so long. During a famine in the year 518AV, Maria was not given a rations card even though she qualified for one. Out of the spotlight and without food, Maria found herself vulnerable to disease, and while her family tried to assist her, Maria was shunned from the Center of Healing when she was in dire need, and was ultimately taken by a simple flu. She now haunts the cemetery she had once tried to save, seething with hatred over the treatment of Lord Councilors and wanting revenge for the corruption that she had fought against in life.