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Nel'vira Kalpante

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Image:Scroll2.png "It used to haunt me, terrify me, but now it provides encouragement and pushes me to do my best. I now understand the sweet temptation magic teases me with is not meant to destroy me - no, pity the mage who thinks of the voice inside their head as an enemy that must be suppressed! Once you stop arguing with the voice in your head, you will be finally in control. Listen, and you will be grateful to hear what they really are: songs of kindness."
- Nel'vira Arwain Kalpante, on Sweet Whispers
Nel'vira Kalpante

The Dreameater
Date of birth358 AV (aged 165)
Place of birthMura
Musical Instrument: Chimes and Bells38
Gnosis marks

Nel'vira Kalpante, more commonly known as the Dreameater of White Isle, was born as an offspring from a Konti-Akalak relationship. She is Akontak, and her dark twin is named Arwain, hence she reveals herself as Nel'vira Arwain Kalpante occasionally. She used to be a musician for Mura, and was known for her notable performances in playing chimes and bells. Later on in her life, she was influenced by Nysel through various means. Being exposed to the power of Dreamwalking, and eventually becoming rather attached to the Chavena, disabled her ability to differentiate between her dreams and the waking world.


Physical Appearance

Nel'vira, for all her exotic Akontak beauty, stands like a queen who enamors you to do her bidding. She stands tall, and stands proudly, walks with the grace of a dancer and the lithe of a warrior. Her sultry vixen eyes are spades that dig into one's souls. Her brows are arches that curve high on her forehead. She is stunning, graceful, one can say that there is no flaw to her physical beauty, which is always complemented with dresses made of the finest clothing and precious stones set in various jewelry.


Nel'vira Arwain Kalpante, before she was known as Dreameater, was gifted with music and was famous for her performances. She played percussion instruments, though not many remember how excellent she was at playing chimes and bells. She sang with a melodious voice, telling wonderful stories that inspire and encourage people. Both Nel'vira and Arwain, two souls of the same body, could sing well. Nel'vira favored songs about camaraderie and family, while Arwain favored emotive singing that focused on romantic themes.

A turning point of her career was when she received a musical instrument called Ilersti from one of the "tourists" who visited the White Isle. What seemed to be nothing but a gift of appreciation turned out to be a magical instrument capable of playing music on its own. When Nel'vira and Arwain started using the Ilersti as an accompaniment to their performances, there was an obvious change in the way they used their bells and chimes. Their songs slowly turned sour and sorrowful. They spoke of dark emotions - grief, mourning, loss - but they still sang as beautiful as ever, and nobody really paid attention to the shift. At least, not until the melodies invaded their dreams.

Soon after, there were complaints among a few Konti sisters, saying that they hear the ominous Ilersti in their sleep and Nel'vira Arwain's singing voice. Nel'vira was investigated, though reluctantly, by the Grandmother's circle, and was proven guilty of tampering with the chavi of the victims. She insisted her innocence, but was offended when the Matriarch of Mura offered her reprieve and healing from her "madness". Nel'vira declared a curse upon White Isle and left the island, never to return.

Nel'vira's next known stop was in the city of Ravok, where she met a man named Arthagon Bollerouise, and they hit it off with a partnership inspired by the profit of power and miza. They ran a network of slavers that webbed the Sylira region, and was successful in the endeavor, at least until their unspoken love created a seed inside Nel'vira. Arthagon was born to marry a wealthy noblewoman's daughter, and could not take responsibility for his pregnant business partner. Their love affair, which they continued but never openly accepted in front of anyone because of the scandalous nature, ended as soon as Nel'vira went into hiding, which eventually led in the disbanding of their slaver ring. Nel'vira, for all her evil actions, was unable to abort the child in her belly. She gave birth to a healthy Konti that she left on the Bollerouise's doorsteps on the same day that she left Ravok.

Some time after this incident (not necessarily exactly after), Nel'vira and Arwain found themselves sailing back to Mura, but instead of returning home, they left their ship when it docked on Sahova's harbor. In the Citadel, they found the refuge they have been looking for. The Nuit mages of Sahova could care less for another meat bag in the island. Pulsers, living beings, are nothing but transient souls in the land of the undead. Nel'vira stays within the citadel's walls, simmering her revenge, dreaming the day that she will bend the world to be kinder to her.


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