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Date of birth477 AV (aged 46)
Place of birthWind Reach
TitleManager of Petal of the Timid Cougar
Riding (Eagle)58

Quarhot is a former Endal in Wind Reach. However, his Eagle died during the Djed Storm, and he found himself without purpose. Shortly after the trade agreement was brought before Kaden and the Valintar, it was soon realized that Quarhot was much better at dealing and negotiating with foreigners. He tagged along on the trip back to The Spires and assisted in the building of the Trading Post. Now he stays in The Spires permanently, managing the trade and ensuring that the arriving Endals maintain a professional and appropriate presence as guests. While in The Spires, he is in charge of all incoming Endals, as well as any other visiting Wind Reach citizens.

Quarhot is a fair leader, but a brutal negotiator. He never takes more than he needs, but will fight for a single Pinion if he feels his people are being slighted. He can be stern if a Wind Reach citizen is out of line, and never gets in the way if they've broken a Spirian law. He has no desire to return to Wind Reach, and will never talk about his own Eagle, even though he can often be found talk to whichever Eagle is stationed there.

Additional Information

Derk oversees the Wind Reach Trading Post with Derk