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Ra'mari Kalpante

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Ra'mari Kalpante
Date of birth386 AV (aged 137)
Place of birthMura
TitleOwner of Silver Dragon Emporium
Fortune Telling32
Gnosis marks

Ra’mari, a white-haired and golden-eyed Konti in her hundreds, has the reputation of being hopelessly erratic and obsessed with everything useless. She has always collected objects nobody else would keep, and found a great deal of rare artifacts during her travels to Eyktol, Cyphrus and Taldera. After coming back with much more baggage than she left with and four daughters of similar personality she opened the Silver Dragon Emporium, and has since then made a lot of money. While her daughters wander off and return as the mood strikes them, gathering more precious objects for sale, Ra’mari is now content with selling and chatting. She laughs often and shows an incredible amount of facial expressions. Her clothing style is as colorful and weird as her personality, her favorites being dark scarves tied into her curly hair and fancy belts.