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Skull Crow

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Image:Scroll2.png If yer see a 'angman's crow by yer window... well boy, you better hide under yer mama's skirt 'cos yer a dead man walkin'
- Unknown
Skull Crow
Major featuresWears the skulls of the deceased
AbilitiesConsidered bad luck
Most common inSunberth, The Gallows

Frequently found at The Gallows, the Skull Crow (also known as a Hangman's Crow) is a large, velvety, black bird. They generally look no different to usual crows - they are smaller, but only very slightly so - save for one difference: Skull Crows typically wear the skulls of other deceased birds on their head. Nobody really understands why they do this, or indeed where all the bird skulls come from, but the Skull Crow is regarded as terrible luck. It is said that they are pets of Dira herself, and so if you find one hanging around you for any length of time, you might want to start saying your goodbyes.

According to a shadow named Musi, they are very intelligent. As smart as shadows for certain. Eywaat is their Lord. He is the Alvina of Birds and Ingenuity. He once told them that their bones hold the wisdom of their lives. So they wear the skulls of their fallen, especially the ones they admire, because the bones hold their memories. And when they wear the memories they can experience them.