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The Jungle Maiden
Date of birth464 AV (aged 59)
Place of birthTaloba
TitleTaisho of the Shinya
Unarmed Combat69
Gnosis marks

Son'ja of the Crimson Sun is perhaps the most well known "foreigner" to join the Shinya Order, and even more impressive, attain the rank of the Shinya Elite. Driven by a sense of curiosity and brevity, Son'ja was raised as a true Myrian in every aspect but was taught the ways of the Shinya when the respected monks came to visit the grand city of Taloba. She was fascinated; that such honest, simple monks could hold such power and fight so bravely that it even rivaled Myrian warriors themselves. They learned the ways of the vindictive race, and in turn, taught those that were willing to learn the basics of the Shinya Order. Son'ja listened, and she listened well. By the time the Myrian had shown her true colors by acquiring her very own tiger, she was well on her way to becoming a true paragon of the battle-monks. Traveling to Lhavit under guidance of her then Shinya instructor, Son'ja joined the Order and was elevated to the rank of Socho within months.


Once Son'ja would have been called ambitious. A whirling vortex of determination and strong will, coupled with the fact that she wanted to please her clan to the best of her abilities, and become the greatest warrior to walk under the guidance of the Goddess-Queen. Son'ja still retains the mindset of a Myrian, but having settled completely into a foreign city for so long, this mindset has dulled and been pushed under the newfound ethics of the Shinya. She is harsh, incredibly brutal when required and she is not afraid to shed blood, whether that of a pupil, those under her command or her enemies. (Especially her enemies.) Her philosophy is fight for the name of Myri in a stranger's land, and uphold the code of Zintila. If she can do this, she would gladly die with honor.


Son'ja is an incredibly imposing woman. Standing at 6'2" she towers over the majority of the Shinya Order and Lhavitians themselves. Her hair is a blindingly crimson hue, with a splash of orange and gold. Her eyes are a hazel hue, and her olive-toned skin is marred with plenty of battle-scars from days long past. Son'ja tends to spice up her Shinya attire with a myriad of bones and trinkets directly relating to her Myrian heritage. She is proud to wear the bones of her enemies, especially when it's that of a Dhani.