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Unarmed Combat

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Live to fight!

Unarmed Combat is the term given for physical combat that forgoes the use of weapons in favor of fists, feet and in fact the entire body. While there are a number of specialized forms of unarmed combat such as wrestling and boxing to name a couple, countless unarmed fighting styles make up what is otherwise known as unarmed combat. Unarmed combat includes the kind of fighting techniques taught in military basic training or in self-defense classes. Students learn elementary methods of attack and self-defense. Such as being able to parry an attack as well as kicking or punching an opponent. As they progress in training and skill, an individual's fighting techniques become more advanced until they are capable of causing serious injury and even death with their bare hands. Among the countless styles of unarmed combat, most offer similar types of training although go about it by varying means. Unarmed combat is more specialized and focused than brawling with the latter employing the use of one's environment over the use of one's own body.


Unarmed combat has been around since longer than anyone can remember. The most basic techniques of combat are said to have been passed on to mortals by Ruros the former God of War. Every race has its own preferred styles while individuals as well as organizations within each race have even more specific preferences. While the secrets of many forms of unarmed combat have been lost over the ages; especially following the Valterrian, many more still exist and are currently in use. Races such as Akalak, employ their own disciplined martial style of combat while militant organizations such as the Syliran Knights and the Ebonstryfe have adopted their own unique forms.

Prerequisite & Maintenance

The most important thing to understand about unarmed combat is that anyone is capable of learning it without an instructor. Every sentient being has instinctual ability to use its body as a form of offense or defense; a lasting gift from Ruros. While there aren't any real prerequisites for learning and engaging in unarmed combat, a number of other skills can prove quite useful. Skills such as acrobatics and Body Building better condition one's body for fighting through increased strength, endurance and flexibility. More focused combat skills such as wrestling, boxing and even brawling, can improve one's overall ability in combat.

Skill progression

Novice (1-25)
At novice level, a fighter is just learning the basics of controlling their body for combat. They can throw effective punches and probably a few good kicks. Getting out of the way of an opposing attack and/or using one's own body to parry is a strong focus at this stage. The novice can take a basic combat stance and move in it without falling over themselves and overall have some ability to conduct themselves in a fight. This stage is the equivalent of having basic military training similar to that known by most city guards and low-ranking soldiers in what small militant organizations exist.
Competent (26-50)
Competent fighters are ones who have become rather comfortable with throwing punches, kicks and getting out of the way of an opposing hit. They are much more skilled at defending through parrying and dodging and begin utilizing more elaborate stances, upper-body strikes and kicks. More formal styles of combat may include advanced breathing techniques and focus on more specific attacks and defenses at this stage. This is the level of skill often found in more elite soldiers and in those who have otherwise gone through some form of special training in some style of unarmed combat.
Expert (51-75)
At this stage, the fighter is an expert at their particular form of unarmed combat. They most often have their own unique style with signature moves. They are capable of causing great harm with their bodies; bodies which have become living weapons of attack, defense even pain and death. Expert fighters are often able to perform strikes and parries that seem to defy reason however this is more due to their focused control over their own body than anything else. This is the level of skill most often found among highly trained assassins or skilled militant leaders.
Master (76-100)
The master of unarmed combat is without equal. Their entire body is a natural weapon of death. With but a touch to the right part of an opponent's body, the master can paralyze or even kill. The ability of a master borders on being supernatural and their control over their own body is such that they are capable of performing feats beyond reason. These are the men and women who snatch arrows from their path with their hands, break stone with their kicks and use an opponent's own body against them. This level of skill is held by few but those who do possess it are seen as almost mythical figures.